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BASEBALL SEASON IS HERE!!! Fun for the kiddos... time for mom's (and dad's) to be superhero's and be at more than one place at once!!!

As a mother of 5, with 4 that play it's time for me to be cloned! None of the 4 are on the same team or even play at the same place!!! Not to mention that practices are scattered all over the county... What time is practice? Well today for instance I have one that has a scrimmage at 5:30, another practice at 5:30... nowhere near the same place and my husband has a night class at 6:00. Well, by the time I get off work at 5:00, drive to pick up the kids from after school care, go back home and get all the baseball gear together, get a snack & "Keep Two Year Old Happy" during this supplies, it's already 5:30! Then, starting next week one of my boys will play every Monday in Mt. Pleasant at 6:00!

My solution since I don't have super powers (They are one the way but haven't been delivered yet!!), grandmas and grandpas get to help and my husband and I rotate which child we watch so they all feel equally important to both of us.

Now, I want to know, what mom's are with me on this!!! I think we do more work during baseball season than the kids! From the running around, getting new gloves because they grew too much from last year and of course teams are different color so we can't use our belts or socks from last year.... Games haven't even began and I'm already exhausted.

Even once all the kids are delivered to their destination and then picked up once done, we still have homework to be done, baths to take, and oh yeah, it'd be nice to eat some dinner before bed.

Still, it's all worth it, every time you see that big grin in that helmet... It's all worth it! Plus, another good thing about baseball season... kids & parents rest well at night!

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