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The Reilly Springs community awoke Wednesday morning to a wonderful rain that we’d been needing for a long, long time. It was cold, as the temperatures had dropped during the night, but we need the rain, so few were complaining.

“It’s wonderful and we hope it don’t stop for a few days.” exclaimed an excited Vera Harrington. “For spring to come fully alive and for us to even anticipate any pastures or a hay season, we’ve got to get some moisture.”

Bryant Fisher was echoing the same sentiments down in the southern part of our community. “Spring just wasn’t going to happen if we didn’t get some rain,” allowed Bryant.

Meanwhile, J.R. has “kept the faith” and is continuing to tend to tender vegetables in the greenhouse, “babying” them so that they can be transplanted to the field once the temperatures become stable and we get some good rain.

Vera attended a birthday party for her cousin, Kay Franks, and enjoyed seeing many of her cousins, especially those that came from Vicksburg, Miss., and the San Antonio area whom she doesn’t get to see very often. Vera reported a wonderful day of visiting and enjoying family time.

Vera also reports that little Charlotte, her youngest granddaughter who really still should be in diapers, has been accepted into the gifted and talented program at her school. I told Vera that it must be the “good genes” she inherited from her grandmother or those educational trips to Reilly Springs.

There should be some mighty happy husbands and children in the Reilly Springs community in the coming weeks if all those that I saw at the Taste of Home Cooking School on Tuesday night at the Civic Center go home and cook the recipes that they learned. Ruth Fisher and Joyce McDonald were both among the crowd, and Marilee Fisher, Brenda Allen, Sheila Funderburk, Terri Wiley and Sheila’s niece, Nancy, all joined forces and attended the school.

The school offered some 10 recipes and the methods for preparing them, as well as a number of door prizes. Attendees from all across Northeast Texas came to see the presentations that are included in the popular American cooking magazine.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever cook any of the recipes that I saw prepared,” allowed one patron from this community. “So, don’t tell my husband that I was there.”

I had a nice visit with Yvonne King at last Thursday night’s Rotary Club Spelling Bee. It was a successful event, as usual, and raised funds for the Rotary Club’s annual scholarship program. While there, several of us that had attended school together sat at a table and made an attempt to spell the words. Surprisingly, we got some of them right.

While at the table, I was challenged to use several of the words in my column this week, and our course of conversation drifted to our good friend Gina Deaton Law who wasn’t present. Amy Smith, Yvonne, Peggy Walker, and others asked me to describe a recent event, that happened in Gina’s life … so here goes. “The satiety of the situation became almost sacrilegious when Gina’s son Mike’s show chicken became irascible, defecating on the high chicken potentate, giving her a lagniappe in her mouth, to remember the imbroglio. However, Gina maintained a demure of stoicism throughout the nascent affair.”

If you have any questions about the incident, give Gina a call and I’m sure she will explain it to you in all its details.

And, speaking of friends, I visited with David and Mark Poskey this week, and they allowed that Hubert Poskey isn’t doing well. Hubert has been moved to Carriage House Manor Nursing Home to receive hospice care. Remember Hubert and the entire Poskey family in your thoughts and prayers. Mark was here visiting from his home in California, and they reported that Steve had been a weekend visitor from Colorado. Donna plans to arrive next week for a special visit, as well. You’ll all want to visit with them as they make their way back to Hopkins County.

I also visited with Rhandi Stribling Fails this week via e-mail, and she allowed that the Stribling family had been enjoying the nice warm weather and getting some things done outside that had “stacked-up” during the winter. On Friday night, Rhandi enjoyed dinner with Mindy Burkett at Chili’s while Cody was at home taking care of Case. Then, on Saturday, Cody, Rhandi, and Case spent the evening celebrating Linda Alvis’ 50th birthday at A.J.’s Fish House on Lake Fork. I’m certain that Linda received plenty of ribbing and a great time.

On Sunday, David and Debra Stribling, Rhandi and Case spent the entire afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Have you noticed the new home being constructed behind John McNeil’s old house? That’s Sandra Glenn’s new home. I visited with her last week at the Hopkins County Genealogical Society, and she reported that things are “coming along nicely” and she hopes to be moved by the end of the month. She’s staining floors and painting at a steady pace and hopes to have things completed soon. I suggested that she solicit the help of Brad and Chad to help her paint. She didn’t seem to embrace the idea too readily, so maybe they’re off the hook for the time being.

Speaking of the Glenn family, Jared and Makenzie Glenn welcomed the birth of their son, Jace Aiden Glenn, on March 2. Jace was premature and was flown to Dallas, where he remains hospitalized. His lungs and kidneys were not fully developed, so the family asks for everyone’s prayers for his condition. Remember the Glenn family in your thoughts and prayers and pray for Jace’s development and improved medical condition.

I visited with the Randy Koon family over the weekend, and they reported that everyone is doing well. I saw the “spray rig” that Koyt had built for the upcoming Houston show. It is outstanding and had won a major prize in the San Antonio Ag Mechanics Show. Congratulations to Koyt on his efforts.

I also talked to Brody and Mary Koon on Sunday, after church, and Brody was excited that there was some rain in the forecast. He indicated that he was already watering Mary’s onion plants and hadn’t planted some things, as it was too dry. “Hopefully, we’ll receive some measurable rainfall in the next couple of weeks,” exclaimed Brody. “We certainly need it bad.”

The Stribling family and several others in the community are looking forward to the spring UPRA Rodeo that will be hosted in the Civic Center this weekend.

Danny and Shannon Lawrence are making plans to visit Hopkins County again this upcoming weekend as they continue to “house hunt.” They plan to arrive on Friday night, visit with friends, and of course, Danny will have to attend the completion of the Big Nasty Hog Hunt in the neighboring Pine Forrest community.

Kyle Koon indicated on Saturday that he already had one “big hog” and he and Kody were planning on another big hunt on Saturday night. I haven’t heard if they got anything larger for the contest.

As you can see, the Reilly Springs community is busy with many activities happening now that spring is almost here. However, I did hear many moans this week about the time change. It seems that no one welcomed losing an hour’s sleep on Sunday morning.

Until next week, continue to pray for some much-needed moisture. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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