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iPhone reincarnated

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I neglected to post a follow-up blog to my cracked iPhone adventure, so I am making ammends. As some of you may recall, I dropped my iPhone during he Christmas parade in December. Let it be known that I have not gone without since that time.

A day or two later, I took my shattered "precious" to the Willow Bend Apple Store in Plano. I had made a reservation with the Genius Bar - Apple's customer service people - and was there at the appointed time. An Apple tech called my name and asked if he could help me. I said nothing, but plopped my phone on the countertop. A smalll piece of glass broke away from it's brethren and bounced across the formica

"Dude! What did you do to your phone?" the tech exclaimed as five other Apple techs gathered around to view the carnage. I thought I heard Taps playing now. Low and soft. I relayed the tale of how my iPhone went pavement diving during the parade. Six pairs of eyes looked on in horror.

We had our moment of silence and the tech asked if I had Applecare on the phone. Applecare is Apple's version of an extended warranty - which I normally do not ever purchase, but I had for the iPhone.

So to make a long story short. He laid my old iPhone to rest somewhere under the counter and pulled out a bright, shiney, unpulverized replacement unit for me. He set it up and I headed home to restore all my settings from backup.

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written by Cindy Roller , April 17, 2009
Bravo for you, Davy. Finally a company that actually stands by its warranty that is a shock in and of itself. Now if we can just get those annoying "your warranty on your automobile has expired" telemarketer calls to stop. Any suggestions...smilies/grin.gif

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