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Now on DVD- A Long Way Down

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“A Long Way Down”
2 out of 5 Stars 
written by Jon Lance 

In "A Long Way Down" Pierce Brosnan stars as Martin, a washed up host of a British television show who suffers a humiliating scandal which leads him to the tallest building in London to commit suicide on New Year’s Eve.

As Martin stands on the ledge of the building he is surprised by three strangers, who also want to end their lives that evening. As Maureen, Jess, JJ and Martin talk about who goes first and why they want to jump, they eventually make a pact to stay together and not commit suicide until Valentine's Day.
The next morning, a British newspaper reports Martin’s almost fatal decision, plastering himself and his new friends on the front page of the newspaper. All four people are devastated that their friends, families and all of London knows what happened. 
Martin gathers the group to go on a vacation to escape the unrelenting media coverage. Along the way, Martin and friends find out more about each other as Valentine's Day draws closer. 
The story flushes out the backstory behind the characters, exploring each member of the group perspective on why they journeyed to the top of a building on New Year’s Eve. 
All the actors give good performances yet the major issue with this film is authenticity. The film fails at being a comedy with underlying themes of depression and guilt. This film might work well as a dark comedy but it tries too hard to be light-hearted. Characters are repeatably shown as emotionally distraught and moody, then in the following scenes are shown to be happy-go-lucky. Continual polarization of the characters is a emotional roller-coaster that is unbelievable for the viewer. As suicide is continually joked about throughout the film, the lack of reverence in the script made the movie uncomfortable to watch.
Bottom line, the film ultimately feels unbalanced with too many mixed emotions in one film. Director Pascal Chaumeil needed to focus on either a tale of redemption, a witty dark comedy or a film about the effects of suicide.
“A Long Way Down” is rated R for language and a brief nudity. 

Family Video in Sulphur Springs currently has "A Long Way Down" for rent on DVD.

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