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Now on DVD- Words and Pictures

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"Words and Pictures"

 4 out of 5 stars

Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche star in “Words and Pictures,” a romantic drama about fine art and love.
Owen plays Jack Marcus, a once brilliant writer who teaches honors English at a prestigious high school.  Marcus has struggled for years with alcoholism since a writer’s block has crippled him from being the word smith he used to be. During the end of the first act, the school board reviews Marcus’s contract because of his under performance in publishing new material for the school. 
Binoche shines as newly hired arts teacher Dina Delsanto, a well known painter who suffers from acute rheumatoid arthritis. Delsanto is emotionally cold toward her students as she tells them they should never be satisfied with themselves. As Delsanto struggles with her medical condition, viewers feel for her as she slowly loses her joy in life, the ability to paint.
  During the second act, Marcus and Delsanto clash; they both believe their craft is the pinnacle of human ingenuity. Delsanto believes any fine art painting is worth countless words while Marcus believes a few words can change the course of history.  
When the student body learns of the rivalry between Marcus and Delsanto, they plan a  high school competition. The honors art class and honors english class compete in the last act of the film to prove what is more emotionally moving, words or pictures. 
The plot keeps the viewer interested while the standout performances from Binoche and Owens are charismatic and fun. Their chemistry is instantly apparent as the two start to enjoy each other’s company despite their differences of opinion.
As romance blooms, the realism of the movie is enchanting and refreshing to watch. The main characters will stay in the audiences mind long after the film is finished playing. 
Bottom line, “Words and Pictures” is a moving realistic film that is enjoyable to watch. Owen and Binoche do a wonderful job as rivals who grow closer over the course of a school year. Audiences that enjoy romantic dramas will enjoy this movie. 
“Words and Pictures” is rated PG-13 for sexual material, nude sketches, language and some mature thematic material.
Family Video in Sulphur Springs currently has “Words and Pictures” for rent on DVD. 
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