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Movie Moments- The November Man

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Movie Moments- “The November Man” 

“The November Man” stars Pierce Brosnan as a recently retired CIA spy named Deveraux who must complete one final mission.

The mission involves a Russian defector that has information that could cripple a Russian president-elect's chance to take control of Russia.
Fans of the 90’s Brosnan’s James Bond franchise will love the atmosphere, pacing and story of the film. Brosnan was born to play a spy, he does not disappoint in this film. "The November Man" almost feels like a much more serious sequel to the 1995 James Bond film “Goldeneye.” 
As the film opens, ex-spy Deveraux finds out, from a friend in the CIA, that his old love interest Natalia is the defector that has information the United States wants. Deveraux immediately heads to Russian for a pulse-pounding ride that does not end until the credits roll.
While Deveraux was still in the CIA, he trained a new agent by the name of Mason. Luke Bracey, as Mason, does a fantastic job with his inner struggle between performing CIA missions that are morally ambiguous. Mason struggles most of the film walking the line between being the perfect CIA assassin and a moral person. Deveraux plays a great father figure to Mason even if they, at times, might be on opposing teams. The duo works very well on screen. 
Overall, the script does a great job making Deveraux’s character believable and intelligent as the story continually rockets forward. Unfortunately, a few of the clues Deveraux finds seem to be too obvious. Audiences will wonder why no one else could follow the clues left behind by the president-elect.
Occasionally, the writers seemed stuck on how to progress the film forward. Deveraux appears places that the audience do not know how he logically got there. The writers of the film seem to think that a spy can locate anyone at anytime. 
The film is rated R for strong violence, a sexual assault, nudity and a drug use scene. This movie is recommended only for adult audiences. Despite the hard R rating, the movie is for spy/ espionage fans that are not bothered by graphic violence. 
Bottom line, despite the few places were logic is thrown to the wind, “The November Man” is a good movie for the end of Summer. It has action, suspense and danger around every turn. This film is for fans of the 90s James Bond franchise or action movie fans in general, but be warned the film has graphic violence, nudity and drug use scenes. 

Sulphur Springs Starplex Cinema is showing "The November Man" Monday - Friday at 1:55 p.m., 4:20 p.m. and 7:10 p.m. 

“The November Man”
4 out of 5 stars 
Written by Jon Lance 
News- Telegram

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