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Heritage Park to benefit from jail construction

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As the initial steps began for construction of the new county jail, it was determined that as much as eight feet of dirt would have to be removed from the site and new dirt hauled in to support the jail foundation,
    This posed a question. What to do with the tons and tons of dirt?
    Rick Wilson, president of Heritage Park, suggested the park could use a lot of the old dirt to fill in a pool at the backside of the park.
    With cooperation from Sedalco Construction Services, contractor for the jail project, and project supervisor Gary Johnson, two needs are being met.
    As construction workers remove soil from the new jail site, it is loaded on dump trucks and hauled only about two blocks away to Heritage Park.
    Wilson believes Heritage Park has a solution for what to do with the tons of dirt being hauled out.
    “We asked them if they could just bring it over and dump it at the park,” Wilson said. “One of the old pools that we had behind the park had, for years not held water and we have been trying to dry it up.”
    Relocating the dirt from the jail site to the park has the potential of helping expand the park.
    “It will help us make it a more attractive park on the back end,” Wilson said. “They have been very cooperative in bringing all the dirt down there and assisting us with some bulldozer work as well. We are going to have an attractive place when we get through with it, and it's going to be very nice.”
    Wilson emphasized the pool being filled is not the one adjacent to the chapel in Heritage Park.
    The dry pool has been grown over with weeds for many years, to the point nobody could really see it.
    That pool, though, does have some history of its own.
    “It was one of the original clay pits that was out there at the park,” he said. “That's where they used to get clay to make bricks, but it is just not cooperating anymore.”
    Wilson said that when the pool is filled in and the new soil leveled and smoothed out, grass will be planted and more than an acre of park area will be added.
    The addition will mean more space for events like the annual John
Chester Dutch Oven cooking event and, Wilson said, will be available for other outdoor events in the future.




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