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Movie Moments- If I Stay

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If I Stay

Special Duel Review::

A Man's Point of View:

Written by Jon Lance 

“If I Stay” stars upcoming starlet Chloe Moretz in an emotional drama about family and love.

Moretz plays Mia Hall, a high school senior with hopes of being excepted to Julliard for her exceptional cello playing skills. Within the first ten minutes of the movie, Hall is caught in car wreck causing her to have an out of body experience. Hall spends the rest of film deciding rather to jumping back inside her body and live her life or traveling to heaven. There are flashbacks throughout the film to explain and highlight her final decision.    This movie was a heavy hitter so to speak in several ways, especially if the viewer has lost someone personal to them. Many of Hall’s friends and family come to visit her after the wreck in the hospital as her out-of-body consciousness tries to make contact with them.  Moretz’s performance as Hall struggling with her situation is tear inducing and at times difficult to watch because of the realness of the situation. Hall’s love interest Adam, played by Jamie Blackley, was an interesting secondary character. The viewer felt his pain and inability to help the situation as his girlfriend laid helpless in her bed. During the flashbacks in the film, the viewer feels the deep connection between Hall and Adam.  Film writer Shauna Cross and novelist Gayle Forman penned a good script but it could have used a slight bit of polish. On the one hand, many of the scenes were extremely emotional and well written. On the other hand, the flashback sequences had dialogue that seemed a tad forced. Two of the flashbacks have to much foreshadowing to be believable.  The soundtrack of the film was also very amusing to watch. Hall’s love for the cello and all classical music clashed well with the punk rock music of Adam and her family. Going between the stark musical styles kept the film moving.  Bottom line, this movie was well cast with a strong enough script to bring a tear to the eye of many people in the theatre. This is a definition of a date movie and particularly powerful if the viewer has lost someone in their life.  Sulphur Springs Starplex Theatre is showing “If I Stay” Friday through Sunday at 1:45 p.m., 4:25 p.m. 7:05 p.m. and 9:35 p.m. Monday through Thursday at 1:45 p.m., 4:25 p.m. and 7:05 p.m.

If I Stay - four out of five stars


A Womans Point of View:

Written by Tanya Lance 

"If I Stay", a beautifully heartbreaking film, is an immersed look at the lIfe of Mia Hall, played by Chloë Grace Moretz. However, director R.J. Cutler danced a fine line in which the audience felt the joys of being a part of Mias unorthodox family, while at the same time reeling the depth of Mia's despair facing the reality of her new circumstance. 
The story itself is one many people can relate to, Mia's jouney to find who she was inside along with finding a first love. But what makes this typical  movie plot so powerful was the genuine acting from the cast. A true air of family was created with a baseline that gripped viewers heart strings later as loss occured in the film. While avenues of the characters might not have been fully developed, it was forgivable  because of the raw emotions of the characters surrounding Mia's accident. 
Viewers in the theatre cried in the emmotional tense scenes and smiled during the happy moments springled throughout the film. The film recommend not so much for a casual night out but one in which the audience is ready to leave the theater a bit emotIonally heavy, take this as a warning.
If I Stay- five out of five stars
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