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Bowling league report for Aug. 6

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Kevin Horton, anchorman for Horton Hears A Strike, tossed exceptional games of 225 and 185 on his 162 individual average, during Monday’s Sport league competition. 

Horton led his team to take three of the four wins available Monday night and move into a three way tie for second place in the team standings.
 Kelly Shields rolled a near perfect game during Sunday’s Mixed League action.  Shields 289 during the second game of the night included 10 of the 12 strikes needed for a 300 game.  Shields also bagged the men’s high series of the night with his 647 three game scratch effort.
Other notable scores for the week ending July 31, include by league:

Sunday Night Mixed
    David Strain captured four wins for his team, Hot For Teacher, on his 622 three game scratch performance.  Strain nailed games of 200 and 232 while competing on a 192 individual average.  Strain’s teammate, Greg Pullen, chipped in with scores of 210 and 227 on his 186 individual average.
    Karen Gray took the reins for her team, Got Robbed, clinching three wins o her 508 three game scratch set.  Gray charted scores of 189 and 167 to help boost her tem into sole possession of second place on the team standings board.
     Casey Lee and Ricky Lee added scores of 254, 218, 183 and 181 on their individual averages of 176 and 171to ensure Gray’s success.

Monday Night Sport
    Shayne Wilson nabbed the second high set of Monday’s mixed league play, with a solid 565 three game scratch effort.  Wilson booked a 214 during the last game of the night to help his team move into a four way tie for fourth place.     
    Justin Haggerty stepped up his game this week, shooting scores of 194 and 215 on his 168 individual average.  Haggerty, lead off bowler for team Dead Weight, snatched three much need wins for the team.
    Haggerty’s teammate, David Strain, pitched in with a pair of 175 games and an impressive 204 for a 554 scratch set helping his team climb into a three way tie for second place in the team standings.

Tuesday Night Doubles
    Shannon Hague, competing on a 177 individual average, fired games of 197, 201 and 196 to take all four possible wins for her team.  Hague’s Tarry Davison rolled scores of 204, 206 and 215 for a 625 scratch set.
    David VanSickle posted a 624 three game scratch set, while competing on lanes three and four this week. VanSickle’s scores of 241, 187 and 196 were enough to enable his team, Sign Language, to take four wins from the match.
    David Whitten cruised to a three win victory on his 580 three game scratch set.  Whitten rolled games of 182 and 226 to help his team, Cold as Ice, move into a three way tie for third place in the team standings.

Thursday Men’s Trio
    Shayne Wilson led the men this week firing a 930 four game scratch set during the Thursday Night Men’s Trio league.  Wilson bagged scores of 211, 269 and 256 to help his team, Classic Lanes, take three wins from the session.
    Justin Haggerty grabbed two wins for his team on his games of 200, 196, 232 and 214.  Haggerty, who started the night with a 193 individual average, charted the fourth high set of the evening with his 842 scratch effort.
    Mike Gilliland never missed the pocket Thursday night shooting an 847 four game scratch set.  Gilliland booked scores of 200, 232, 205 and 220 on his 191 individual average and led his team, Yay!!! Dave, to three of the five possible wins available from the bout.
    Justin Parmer, general manager of Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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