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Bowling league report for July 22

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Kelly Shields continued his dominance of the Sunday Night Mixed league again this week claiming the men’s high series, with a 652 three game scratch set.  Shields, competing on a 215 individual average, led his team to a three game victory on scores of 221 and 248.  

    Shields teammates. Alan Roberts and Wes Campbell, added games of 222, 214 and 192 to help the team start the second six week session of the summer season tied for second place on the team standings board.  

Sunday Night Mixed
     Tarry Davison finished Sunday’s mixed play with the men’s second high series of the night, with his 644 three game scratch performance.  Davison posted scores of 212 and 247 to help his team, Hot For Teacher, to a flawless victory.  
    Karen Gray booked a solid 517 three game scratch set, enough to clinch the women’s third high series of the session.  Gray rolled games of 177, 175 and 165 on her 161 individual average.  Gray’s teammate, Casey Lee and Malcom Rogers, chipped in on their team’s success with their three game scratch sets of 592 and 546.
    Lee bagged games of 191, 190 and 211 on his 172 individual average, while Rogers shot scores of 186, 175 and 185 to help their team, Got Robbed, take three of the four possible wins for the evening.  

Monday Night Sport
    Bruce Michaelson nabbed the only 600 series of Monday night’s trio competition, with an impressive 607 three game scratch set.  Michaelson was on target all night shooting scores of 191, 211 and 205 to help his team into a two way tie for ninth place in the team standings.  
    Colby Pullen grabbed three wins for his team, Nunior’s Crew, on his games of 186 and 209.  Pullen completed the event 88 pins above his average for series after shooting a 541 three game set.  
    Kevin Horton snatched three wins for his team, Horton’s Guys, on his 518 three game scratch series.  Horton tossed games of 198 and 170 on his 159 individual average.      
    Team M.V.A. remained in first place on the team standings board after firing 1402 total combined pins.  Leadoff bowler Juan Peralta charted scores of 172, 169 and 160 to help set the pace for the team.  Adrian Zarco, taking note early, shot scores of 133, 158 and 156 on his 132 individual average.  Sisco Zarco pitched in a 165 during the first game of the session to help the team take all four possible wins from the bout and take a one game lead in the team standings, with an extraordinary 10 and 2 record.  

Tuesday Night Doubles
    Chris Large charted the men’s high set during Tuesday’s mixed play, with a solid 617 scratch effort.  Large, who started the night with a 155 individual average, rolled games of 179, 170 and an outstanding 268 during the second game of the match.  Large and his wife, Angel, annihilated their competition, walking away with all four possible wins.  
    Rhonda Stephens grabbed four wins for her team, Ice It, after she posted scores of 184, 192 and 189 on her 169 individual average.  Stephens pushed her team into a four way tie for first place in the team standings due to her 565 scratch effort.  
    Trenis Turner, owner/operator of The Avid Reader, shot an impressive 600 three game scratch series, while competing on lanes one and two.  Turner started the night with an extraordinary 231 game and followed up with scores of 199 and 170 on his 160 individual average.  
Thursday Men’s Trio
    Kevin Horton, competing on a 188 individual average, led the Thursday Men’s Trio league with his 873 four game scratch performance.  Horton was dialed in all night booking scores of 230, 193 and a pair of 225 games to finish out the set.  
    Bobby Matthews rolled the second high set of the night, after firing a notable 867 four game scratch series.  Matthews finessed his way through games of 225, 213, 224 and 205 to help his team, Matthews & Company, take five wins from the session.  
    Sisco Zarco took third place on the men’s pedestal Thursday night with his 839 four game scratch series.  Zarco shot scores of 254 and 232 enabling his team, Tierra Del Sol, to take two wins for the evening.  Zarco’s teammate, Juan Peralta, added games of 237 and 220 to ensure the team’s victory.  
    Justin Parmer, general manager of Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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