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Rangers stuck in last place

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There’s a line from one of my favorite baseball movies, “The Rookie” which - unfortunately - applies to the Texas Rangers.

    Jimmy Morris, the chemistry teacher-turned baseball pitcher, had a rough start in the minor leagues before he made up with Tampa Bay.
    In the film, Morris is chided by a fan as he warms up - “Welcome to last place.”
    Last place — that unfortunately is the address for my Texas Rangers. The team I have watched, supported, and been loyal to since 1972.
    I often thought the Rangers would face a terrible fate one day, but never in my most horrible dreams did I think that at the All-Star break, the Rangers would be in last place.
    Last place — we’re talking a 38-67 record, playing baseball at an icy .400 clip, 21 games out.
    Last place — the Rangers have the worst record in baseball.
    Last place —‚ trailing, gasp, the Astros. I guess Nolan Ryan is getting the last laugh as he smiles to his son sitting in the A/C of Minute Maid Field.
    Last place — the Rangers have a shameful 18-30 AT HOME. How revolting.
    The Rangers got the break at the right time, they lost eight in a row, going 1-9 in their last 10 games. They are 5-15 against the AL West, 11-10 vs. the AL Central and in their division, they are 16-24.
    Sounds like last place to me. They are hitting .260 as a team, which you might be able to live with, if ir the Ranger pitching wasn’t so terrible.
    Last place — the Rangers are in last place in pitching.
    They have allowed 941 hits in 834 innings, giving up a league-high 97 homers and also walking 310, the most in the American League.
    The Rangers have had injuries- duh. But can the demise be blamed on just that one category?
    Since Feb. 16, the Rangers have had 23 players on either the 15-day or 60-day disabled list. The most in professional baseball.
    The injuries are varied and strange. Prince Fielder, the $24 million free agency, hurt his neck. So did ace pitcher Yu Darvish.
    Bad pillows, I’ve heard.
    Elbows, five guys have gone out with elbow injuries.
    Maybe the Rangers hurt their arms picked up their wallets.
    Texas has the No. 8 payroll in the league at $133 million. Wow, 38 wins so far for this huge investment.
    By comparison, the highest payroll in the league is the Los Angeles Dodgers. That team just happens to be 54-43, not great, but they are in first, not last place.
    So what’s wrong with the Rangers? I will concede they have had key people hurt. But every team goes through that.
    I see a lack of spunk, desire and toughness. Like when Ian Kinsler came back and hit a homer off Colby Lewis and more or less thumbed his nose to the Texas dugout on his way to first base in a gleeful home run trot.
    The meek Rangers let it slide... they should have been insulted.
    I am not promoting a fight, but taking up for yourself is part of baseball. Next time up, Kinsler should have been drilled. Then it is over.
    Now, this collection of baseball players, sits in last place and it doesn’t seem to bother them.
    Well, it irks me. I hate last place.
    Seems like not too long again the Rangers were in the World Series.
    Now look at what has happened.
    It’s going to be a long, hot summer watching the Rangers if they don’t straighten up their act very soon.




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