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BRASHEAR NEWS July 16, 2014

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I am back. I have been traveling for a while, but so glad to be back in good ol’ Brashear. We missed home but did not miss the grasshoppers. They went on a rampage while we were gone. Our garden looks like the plague of locusts or something hit it. We are just getting okra, a few melons, and a few tomatoes. Just goes to show you can have all the rain you need but there are so many factors

involved to produce a great garden.

The weather seems to be pretty hot up until yesterday. Loving the cooler temperatures predicted and the rain too. On Monday, we had a small shower that dried up before I got home. In town, they had up to 2 inches.

I want to personally let everyone know, if they were not in Brashear on July the 4th, they missed a great time. The food was excellent (even if the man cooking the burgers would not give me his recipe for seasoning). Friends and family had a great time. The music presented by Psalm 100 with a few members of Brashear Baptist entertained us all with some great tunes. The fireworks show was truly excellent. They exceeded their own expectations. I heard last night they thought they had fed up to 600 people. I tried hard to get around and visit with everyone I recognized. If I did not say hello, maybe next time come up to me and introduce yourself.

August and school starting is just around the corner. So, I want to ask if everyone would begin to save clothes they have outgrown or no longer wear to help out our annual “Back to School Clothes Drive.” The Clothes Sale will be held in August and I will have more details later. Just remember to save your clothes, shoes, coats, backpacks and anything else you think we might sale.

The Clothes Drive is where we sell everything for 25 cents. That’s right only 25 cents. This is to help local families outfit their children for the new school year. Clothes do not make the man, but a new outfit can help the mind of a child feel better about himself/herself.

Do not forget to visit the Free Public Library up at The Ol’ Store. Some new Louis L’Amour books have been added, a DVD has been added, a new Field and Stream and a lot more. Check it out. Also stop by and have a great hamburger with Amanda at The Ol’ Store.

Sorry, but I have run out of information or newsworthy stories, so until next week... Let me know what you have going on around your neck of the woods by calling me at 903-612-8806; email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or just drop by CR 1119. We are the second house on our road. I would love to visit with you.




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