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Bowling league report for July 15

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Marlene Morris guided her team, the Neighbors, to the winners circle on her 462 three game scratch series.

     Morris, who has been on a 20-year hiatus from the sport, proved to still be on top of her game after firing scores of 167, 144 and 151 on her 143 individual average.
    Morris, along with her husband Billy, finished the first half of the 2014 summer session in first place with an incredible 19 and 5 record. The duo also finished second in overall pin fall in the league, with 8,222 total handicap pins, after completing the first six weeks of competition.

Sunday Night Mixed
    Kelly Shields catapulted his team, Mixed Nuts, into first place during the first position round of the summer session for the Sunday Night Mixed league.  Shields’ 688 three game scratch set took top dog honors in the men’s high series category and included games of 220 and 255 on his 213 individual average.  Shields’ effort was enough to garner three wins for his team and clinch the first available position in the tournament of champions at the end of the summer and have a chance at claiming the crown for Sunday’s league.

    Greg Pullen and his team, Hot for Teacher, battled all night and walked away with one win against Shields and the Mixed Nuts.  Pullen wasted no time getting the action started shooting a solid 216 during the first game of Sunday’s match play.  Pullen added games of 214 and 181 on his 177 individual average to help his team secure second place for the first half of the 2014 summer session.
    Harold Stone, team captain for team Railroaded, captured three wins for his team after rolling a 528 three game scratch set on lanes five and six.  Stone, competing on a 159 individual average, recorded scores of 171 and 203.  Stone’s teammates, Kathy “Blondie” Nix and Colby Pullen, contributed to the team’s success with games of 134, 160 and 201 on their respective average of 107 and 177.

Monday Night Sport
    David Strain topped the pile Monday night with his 577 three game scratch series.  Strain, who started the Monday Night Sport league in a slump, murdered his opponents with games of 180, 208 and 189 on his 153 individual average.
    Justin Haggerty, Strain’s teammate, added games of 188, 191 and 177 to help their team, Dead Weight, take all four possible wins from Monday’s bout.
    Corey Ogle fired the men’s third high set of the night, shooting a 553 three game scratch set.  Ogle’s games of 161, 214 and 178 was enough to clinch one win for his team, Incoming.
    Jerry Condra decimated his competition Monday night with his 520 three game scratch series.  Condra led his team, the Vipers, to a three game victory on his scores of 136, 172 and 212.
     Debby Essary and Betty Russell dominated the women’s division with their three game scratch sets of 554 and 500.  Essary, who has quickly become the most consistent bowler in the league, nabbed scores of 200 and 199, while Russell booked games of 187 and 161.  The duo’s solid performance was enough to take two and half wins for the evening.

Tuesday Night
    Kevin Horton led the men’s section in the high series category Tuesday night with his 654 three game scratch series.  Horton, anchorman for Subway’s Meatballs, clinched all four possible wins for his team on his scores of 205, 236 and 213.  Horton’s daughter and teammate, Jessica Horton, pitched in with a 141 during the first game of the night, boosting the team into a second place finish for the first half of the 2014 summer session.

Thursday Men’s Trio
    Jim Beard topped the charts Thursday during the Men’s Trio league, shooting an 839 four game scratch series.  Beard, competing on a 181 individual average, tossed games of 195, 223 and 209 and 212 to help his team take four of the five possible wins available Thursday.
     Beard’s teammate, Roger Honea, was dialed in for the second game of the match, firing a whopping 299 game that included the first eleven strikes in a row.  Honea’s feat Thursday night is his highest game to date.
    Kevin Horton continued his momentum into Thursday’s action bagging an 824 four game scratch set that included scores of 208, 245 and 204 to help his team claim four wins from the session.
    Gene Shelton, Horton’s teammate, pitched in with games of 179, 197 and 160 on his 153 individual average, enabling their team, Horton Hears A Strike, to jump into a fifth place finish for the first half of the 2014 summer session.
    Justin Parmer, general manager, Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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