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Bowling league report for July 8

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Alan Roberts obliterated his opponents Sunday night with an impressive 707 three game scratch series, taking four wins for his team. 

Roberts, leadoff bowler for the Mixed Nuts, swept his competition with scores of 244, 252 and 201 on his 188 individual average.  Roberts moved his team to within two wins of first place, after his solid effort during Sunday’s mixed play.

Sunday Night Mixed
    Kelly Shields finished the night with the men’s second high set of the evening, rolling a 640 three game scratch series on lanes one and two.  Shields tossed games of 255 and 243 on his 213 individual average.  

    Shields teammate, Wes Campbell, bagged a 217 during the first game of Sunday’s match to help the team move into second place in the team standings.
    Greg Pullen took the reins for team, Hot for Teacher, snatching four wins on his 621 three game scratch set.  Pullen, competing on a 162 individual average, nailed games of 180, 205 and 236 boosting his team into sole possession of first place in the team standings.  Pullen finished a staggering 135 pins above his average for series.
    Harold Stone and Colby Pullen led their team, Railroaded, to all four possible wins Sunday with their three game sets of 526 and 590.  Stone, a newcomer to the sport this summer, booked notable games of 153, 178 and 195, while Pullen shot scores of 191 and 235 on his 168 individual average.

Monday Night Sport
    Jason Keller charted the high series Monday night with his 561 three game scratch effort.  Keller grabbed two wins for his team after nabbing a solid 244 to start the night.
     Justin Haggerty was above par all evening with games of 171, 164 and 219 on his 157 individual average.  Haggerty led his team, Dead Weight, to a three game victory and a six way tie for first place in the team standings.
    Louis Lufkin amassed three wins for his team, Oh Shnit!, on his 548 three game scratch performance.  Lufkin recorded scores of 166, 160 and 222 to claim the third high men’s set of the night.
    Betty Russell shot the third high series overall Monday night with her 551 three game scratch set, while competing on lanes eleven and twelve.  Russell bagged games of 169, 167 and 215 to end the match 95 pins above her average for series.    

Tuesday Night Doubles
    Gene Shelton captured three much needed wins for his team, Chunk N’ Hope, after charting scores of 180, 168 and 175.  Shelton’s 523 scratch set was enough to catapult his team into six way tie for fourth place in the team standings.
     Subway’s Meatballs took two wins during Tuesday’s mixed play, after Jessica Horton posted a 423 three game scratch series.  Horton rolled games of 144 and 157 on her 139 individual average.  Horton’s father and teammate, Kevin Horton, pitched in with scores of 210 and 190.
    Carrie Shields helped her team Rookie Status run away with three wins on her 506 three game scratch set.  Shields bowled games of 164 and 183 on her 160 individual average.  Mike Gilliland shot games of 211 and 234 in a 616 scratch series to insure the team’s victory.    
Thursday Men’s Trio
    Duane “Left Eye” Anspon murdered his competition with an extraordinary 864 scratch set.  Anspon, who has been struggling since the conclusion of the fall session, fired scores of 186, 203, 196 and an incredible 279 to finish the match.  Anspon finished Thursday’s bout 86 pins above his average for series.
    Bobby Mathews rolled the second high series of the night with his 838 four game scratch set on lanes five and six.  Mathews charted games of 244, 223 and 198 to help his team, Mathews & Company, take two wins from the session.
    Juan Peralta has been steady since the start of the 2014 summer session and this week was no exception.  Peralta boosted his team, Tierra Del Sol, into third place in the team standings on his 775 four game scratch set.  Peralta shot two impressive games of 222 and 203, enough to move into third place on the individual average list, with a 197.45.
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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