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Home News-Telegram News Dairy Festival: Ross Hicks outruns 102 participants to win Milk Run

Dairy Festival: Ross Hicks outruns 102 participants to win Milk Run

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Ross Hicks of Sulphur Springs outpaced all of the other 102 participants to become the overall winner and overall male finisher in the Hopkins County Dairy Festival 5K Milk Run Saturday morning.


Hicks, a 2009 graduate of Sulphur Springs High School, said he felt OK with his time of 18 minutes, 8.2 seconds Saturday even if it was a little behind his pace of past years, when he’s come in second at the run. The 23-year-old says he hasn’t run as often since graduating college last May. He did note that it felt a bit odd not to have Sulphur Bluff’s Everett Wilder running too this year; Wilder, who has come in first several times in the Milk Run, now lives out of town and was unable to make it to the race due to work obligations, Hicks said.

The first place overall female finisher was 13-year-old Sienna Collins of Saltillo. She finished the run with a time of 22.03.4, and was the ninth person to cross the finish line Saturday.

In addition to the top overall male and female finishers of the day, medals and awards were presented to the fastest finisher in each age division.

Victor Rodriguez of Sulphur Springs came in just behind Hicks’ 18:08.2, with a time of 19:23.8; the 28-year-old also was recognized as the top overall male age 20-29. Finishing second in that group was Andrew Wallace, 22, of Sulphur Springs. Third went to Kiffer Davis, 22, of Sulphur springs.

Kathy Barajas, 25, of Sulphur Springs finished first overall among females ages 20 to 29 with a time of 27:53.3. Finishing second in that age category was 25-year-old Robin Castro of Sulphur Springs and 23-year-old Bonnie Grafton of Sulphur Springs.

The first overall finisher among girls ages 10 to 14 years was 13-year-old Emily Lamonica of Powderly; she crossed the finish line just behind Collins, the 10th person to finish overall with a time of 22:09.9. Finishing second in the 10-14 year girls category was Kristian Sutherlun, 14, of Powerderly. Third was Alli Fain, 13, of Brashear.

Coy Collins, 9, of Saltillo was first overall among boys ages 1-9 years. First overall in the boys ages 10-14 group was 12-year-old Chase Berry of Sulphur Springs.

Madison Ramirez of Sulphur Springs once again was recognized as the first overall finisher among females ages 15-19. The 18-year-old was the 11th person to cross the finish line with a time of 22:20.5.

First overall in males ages 15 to 19 years was Will Fain of Brashear. The 15-year-old crossed the finish line fourth with an overall time of 20:50.9. Finishing second in the age group was 16-year-old Tanner Ramirez of Sulphur Springs and 16-year-old Mark Maddox.

Lupita Calvillo, 30, of Sulphur Springs finished first overall among females ages 30-39 with a time of 26:46.1. Second in the age group was 37-year-old Jessica Lenington and third was Tesha Walker, 35, of Sulphur Springs.

Finishing first among males age 30-39 years of age was Shiloh Childress. The 36-year-old’s time of 20:48.1 also made him the third place overall finisher at Saturday’s Milk Run. Finishing second in the 30-39 years category was Jason Hollenshead of Cooper and Matt Holcomb of Sulphur Springs.

Sabrina Ramirez again finished first in her category. The 44-year-old Sulphur Springs resident was the first overall finisher among females ages 40 to 49; she also crossed the finish line 16th with a time of 25:08.5. Second in the age group was Kristi Beech, 41, of Quitman. Third was Sherri Ten Pas, 43, of Tyler.

Randy Rushin, 45, finished first overall in the males ages 40 to 49 group with a time of 26:40. Second was 45-year-old Terry Fain of Brashear and third in the group was 42-year-old Mike Moore of Sulphur Springs.

Debbie Collins of Saltillo was first overall among females ages 50 to 59 years. The 50-year-old crossed the finish line 27th with a time of 27:35.5.

Chris Pearson was the first overall among males ages 50 to 59. The 56-year-old crossed the finish line seventh in 21:55.4 minutes. Second in that age group was 54-year-old Andy Crouch of Sulphur Springs and third was 51-year-old Kyle Germany of Grand Saline.

Vincent Smith finished first overall in males ages 60 or older. The 60-year-old finished 28th overall, with a time off 27.44.4.

The Ramirez family also won the award for the largest group entry.




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