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Bowling league report for May 13

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Jason Keller led this week’s action at Classic Lanes with an impressive 748 three game scratch set, while competing in the Monday Night Trio league. 

Keller clobbered his opponents with scores of 247, 256 and 245 to help his team take three wins from the session.  Keller ended the match 85pins above his average for series.   
Tarry Davison and Justin Haggerty tied for the men’s high series Tuesday night with both men shooting a 691 three game scratch set.  Davison rolled games of 196, 279 and 216 on lanes one and two, helping his Underdogs claim one win from the match.  
    Haggerty led his team, Amy’s Toy Box, to three wins on his scores of 251, 238 and 202.  Haggerty ended the night 64 pins above his average for series and catapulted his team into a two way tie for third place in the team standings.

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Shayne Wilson topped the men’s division this week with his 675 three game scratch set, while bowling on lanes five and six.  Wilson helped his Packers/Chargers take one win on his games of 239 and 237.  
    Larry Stovall snatched up four wins for his Eagles/Chiefs after shooting a 623 three game scratch series.  Stovall booked scores of 222, 191 and 210 on his 197 individual average, in doing so he helped his team climb into a three way tie for fifth place in the team standings.
    Colby Pullen and the Bengals/Redskins clinched two much needed wins to keep his playoff chances alive.  Pullen charted a solid 614 three game scratch set that included a massive 233 game to start the night. Pullen enabled his team to stay within two wins of the first place prize for the sixth six week period of the 2013-2014 Fall season in hope of guaranteeing his team a spot in the tournament of champions at the conclusion of the season.  

Monday Night Trio
    Bruce Michaelson snagged second place for the men’s high series the week during Monday’s mixed play with his 626 three game scratch effort.  Michaelson rolled games of 206 and 227 to help his team, The Cat’s Meow, take three of the four possible wins available.  
    Jim Williams returned this week, after recovering from a knee injury, to shoot a 563 three game scratch set and help his team, The Replacements, take two wins. Williams looked to be on top of his game, shooting scores of 190 and 226 to boost his team to within three wins of first place in the team standings.  
    Williams’ teammate, Tammy Honea, added scores of 151, 178 and 147 on her 148 individual average to insure the team success Monday night.
    Damon Gessman led his team, Triple D, to a three win victory Monday night on his 515 three game scratch set.  Gessman, with a 171 individual average, shot scores of 177 and 199 to help his team move into sole possession of fourth place in the team standings.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Cathy King captured four wins for her team, Shudda’ Been, after nailing a 495 three game scratch set on lanes three and four.  King claimed the high series of the night after rolling games of 177, 150 and 168.  
    Pat Chaddick tossed a 480 three game scratch series while bowling on lanes five and six, just enough to seize the second high set for the session.  Chaddick tossed games of 152, 146 and 182 to help her team, the Lake Fork Hookers, take one win from the match.
    Leona Cerrtani led her team, R U Kidding, to the winner’s circle Monday night after taking three wins on her 403 three game scratch set.  Cerrtani bowled two above par games of 141 and 145 on her 128 individual average.
    Cerrtani’s teammate, Kathleen Bailey, pitched in with games of 126 and 152, to finish the night 22 pins above her average for series.  Margret Hyde and Dawn Cerrtani added games of 145, 140 130 and 127 on their respective averages of 111 and 117.  The ladies’ collective effort boosted their team into a two way tie for second place in the team standings.

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Jerry C. Thompson lifted his team, Irish Pride, to a three win victory on his 615 three game scratch set during Tuesday night’s mixed action.  Thompson was above his 176 individual average all night, after charting scores of 180, 227 and 208.  
    Pam Parmer nabbed the women’s high series of the nigh with her 529 three game scratch effort, while competing on lanes three and four.  Parmer also secured the women’s high game Tuesday night with her 209 to start the session.  
    Jessica Horton crushed her opponents Tuesday night with her 481 three game scratch set.  Horton clinched three wins for her team, The Avid Reader, subsequently posting games of 164, 171 and 146 on her 136 individual average.  
Koy Cline and Duwayne Benson both started the evening slow but were able to get focused and put up two monster games to complete Tuesday’s bout.  Cline grabbed one win for his team, Who, after recording scores of 237 and 256 in a 675 three game scratch set.  Benson led Quality Home Services to a three win victory after booking games of 202 and 276 in a 674 three game scratch set.  
Mike Love also nabbed three wins for his team, Silent But Deadly, with his 595 three game scratch performance on lanes nine and ten.  Love, competing on a 178 individual average, rolled two stellar games of 212 and 218 to help his team climb into ninth place in the team standings.  

Thursday Men’s Commercial
Tarry Davison clinched four wins for his team, Champs, with a notable 697 three game scratch series. Davison shot out of the gate with an intense 240 game to start the night.  After struggling to find his mark the second game, Davison made a ball change and nailed a 255 to complete the set.  
    Shayne Wilson also rolled a 697 three game scratch set, while bowling on lanes three and four. Wilson fired scores of 244 and 258 on his 225 individual average to help his King Pins take three wins from Thursday’s match.  
    Duwayne Benson snuffed out his opponents Thursday night with scores of 212, 233 and 224.  Benson’s 669 scratch set enabled his team to grab three wins and move into a two way tie for second place in the team standings.
Bruce Michaelson tossed a solid 671 three game scratch set, enough to claim the third high men’s set of the evening.  Michaelson was on target all night, charting scores of 243, 226 and 202, finishing the session 53 pins above his average for series.
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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