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SSISD will save $3K for energy upgrades

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Sulphur Springs Independent School District will partner with Chisum ISD in order to take advantage of special pricing on energy management upgrades, which would save the district more than $3,200, to complete the web-based conversion for all campuses.

The district has slowly been converting a few campuses at a time to the new system. Trustees last summer approved conversion of Austin Academic Center, Early Childhood Learning Center and Sulphur Springs High School/Tech Center to continue the conversion to the system which should make each more energy efficient and give access to the systems via the web. The job was done at Austin around the time school started last August, then ECLC at Christmas and high school is in the process of high school is in the process of being converted.

SSISD Director of Operations Dale Guest at this month’s regular school board meeting told trustees they asked the provider for the new Honeywell equipment, which has been successful installed at two campuses and is in the process of being installed at the third campus, for a quote to replace the hybrid system. 

David H. Conder of Environmental and Energy Solutions of Powderly noted that the front-end GCM controller at Douglas, SSES and the Administration Building have been replaced with a new Tridium Vykon Jace6 front-end but each still has the original unit controllers installed in the early 1990s. He offered two proposals. The first proposal is to upgrade135 unit controllers with the Honeywell system controllers at a special rate of $73,522, which is still $8,240 at the current regular rate. The second proposal would join Chism ISD for an even lower pricing rate with all controllers for both districts purchased together, which would put SSISD’s price at $70,248. The proposal included all programming needed for the 135 digital wall sensors, 135 six-inch duct sensors and eight spyders.

Trustees during their regular April meeting approved partnering with Chisum for the even further discounted rate, which should see all the campuses converted to the new energy management system. The units will be installed in-house, further reducing costs for the conversion. The district currently has half of the cost budgeted for the project. The district will have to designate the rest. 

Some of the energy management measures the new system allows is setting “tighter controls on temperature.” Making the showers at the field house tied into the lights, so when the light go out, the water goes off. This helps prevent water from running, in some cases possibly all weekend. Also the water heaters in the cafeterias have been timed to be on just long enough before staff arrive to prepare breakfast and shut off shortly after school is out. Exhaust fans also are tied into the emergency management system. For instance, at the high school when the lights go out in those area, the exhaust fans go off too, keeping them from running constantly and reducing the risk they’ll burn up.

Guest said the staff hope to have the new controllers in and the conversion made by the time school starts.

Trustees also met at noon Friday in a special called meeting to consider and approve bids for the high school tennis courts project, but opted to postpone that decision until the next board meeting in about two weeks. Superintendent Mike Lamb noted that the while most bids were in, they’d like a bit of additional time to “haggle a little bit on dirt work to try to be as econimical as we can” on the tennis court project.

The board then entered into enter into executive session to hire additional staff for the 2014-15 school year as this is the “hot” time for hiring and other personnel matters.




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