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SSHS grad Kirby Brown launches Kickstarter campaign for new record

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    NEW YORK, NY – Sulphur Springs graduate Kirby Brown is calling on fans and friends to support the next step in his burgeoning music career. In August, Brown will be laying down tracks for his new album, slated for a 2015 release, at the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Ala.

    His sense of place is indeed playing a big role in the making of his next album.
    “Sometimes you’ve got to be good and gone before you even realize why you left,” Brown says in the opening lines of the video on his recently launched Kickstarter campaign.
    Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that serves as a platform for creatives to raise money for a specific project. It was launched in 2009, and since then many musicians, directors and authors have used it as a way to generate funding while simultaneously involving their fan base in the creative process.
    Musicians such as Asleep at the Wheel, Amanda Palmer, among others, have taken advantage of Kickstarter. Each campaign offers rewards to their backers, such as pre-orders of the product, as well as more personal experiences, like house shows and behind the scenes footage, etc.
    “We’re also tossing in a chance to hang out in Muscle Shoals while we record,” the 2006 Sulphur Springs High School graduate added. “There’s a catch – if you don’t meet your goal, you don’t get anything. In this way,  each Kickstarter project is validated by the number of people willing to be a part of it.”
    After a childhood split between North Arkansas and East Texas, Brown struck out two years ago to do some writing and hard-living in New York City. Now, he’s taking his songs southbound again to record them at FAME.
    These new songs find Brown exploring the themes of life and death, love, persistence, and what it means to find hope and meaning in the mundane repetition of everyday life. He is waging war on an age of music that is fraught with a lack of authenticity, exhausted sentimentality and no real conviction. He hopes his audience is as ready as he is for something they can believe in again, and that their readiness will translate into support for his upcoming album.
    There is a recurring idea of leaving in Brown’s tunes, while at the same time, a return is taking place.
    Where Brown’s debut album, “Child of Calamity,” touched on a variety of styles and sounds, the new record will find him honing in on his roots and settling into his own sounds – a musical place he had to leave in order to find.
    “It’s funny,” Brown confessed. “I never noticed how much I appreciated what I was raised with until I got to a place that was devoid of that. Now, it’s all about taking steps forward, seeing how to connect the past with the present, and hopefully finding some great stories in the process.”

For details on how to get involved in Brown’s Kickstarter campaign, visit http://kck.st/1jgGRUt




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