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Bowling league report for April 15

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Carrie Shields has been steadily working on different aspects of her game.

     After several weeks of practicing Shields managed to put together three awesome games and shoot her first career 600 series.  Shields started the night with a solid 191 game and followed with games of 234 and 216 on her 157 average.  Shields pummeled her opponents and took three wins for her team, Who, along with moving the team into first place in the team standings with an impressive eleven and one record thus far in the last quarter of the fall season.
    Allan Hague charted the men’s high series of the week during the Super Bowl Post Bowl league on Sunday night.  Hague rolled a 749 three game scratch set that included games of 265 and 257 to help his Dolphins/49ers take two wins from the match.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Kelly Shields took his team, Broncos/Rams, to a four game victory Sunday night after posting a near 700 set on games of 259, 191 and 248.  Shields 698 three game scratch series was his ninth series of 650 or better for the season.  
    Shields’ son and teammate, Damion Shields, tossed games of 178 and 205 to help the team’s win column Sunday, boosting them into a three way tie for first place in the team standings.  
Colby Pullen led his Bengals/Redskins to a flawless victory, during Sunday’s mixed action, with his 620 three game scratch effort.  Pullen, who just recently joined the team, booked scores of 211 and 225 on his 188 individual average.   
    The Patriots/Buccaneers snatched two wins from their competition after Mark Coker nabbed his highest set of the fall season thus far, a 592 scratch series.  Coker nailed games of 216 and 234 on his 171 individual average helping the team move into a four way tie for third place in the team standings.  
Monday Night Trio
    Debbie Miller, anchor bowler for team Smucker’s Boys, bagged her eighth 600 series of the 2013-2014 Fall season, rolling a 612 three game scratch set on lanes fifteen and sixteen.  Miller started the night slow but was able to compile scores of 238 and 212 after finding her mark.  Miller completed the session 78 pins above her average for series.  
    Miller’s teammate, Zane Calderon, chipped in on team’s three wins with his 621 scratch set that included games of 230 and 205.  
    Jason Keller, anchor bowler for The Cat’s Meow, tossed the men’s high series of the night with his 730 scratch set.  Bruce Michaelson, Keller’s teammate and team captain, just missed the 700 mark with his 691 effort.  Michaelson charted scores of 216, 239 and 236 to help the team take one win from the match.  
    Allan Hague finished just behind Keller with a 728 three game scratch series  of 246, 247 and 235 scores.  
    Ann Haas took her team, Ann & 2 Gents., to a three game victory after shooting a 481 three game scratch series.  Haas recorded scores of 167, 137 and 177 on her 133 individual average.  

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Justin Haggerty led Amy’s Toy Box to sweep their competition all four games on his 732 scratch set.  Haggerty was on target all evening posting scores of 253, 243 and 236 to move his team into a two way tie for fourth place in the team standings.      
    Kevin Dunnihoo captured one win for his team, Quality Home Services, after rolling a 468 three game scratch series on his 129 individual average.  Dunnihoo charted two impressive games of 159 and 190 to end the match 81 pins above his average for series.  
    Jessica Horton was above par all night after bowling games of 156, 147 and 142 on her 138 individual average.  Horton’s teammate, Penny Shelton, nabbed games of 194 and 203 in a 549 three game scratch series. The two women guided their team, The Avid Reader, to one win.  
Men’s Commercial
    Justin Haggerty barely missed the 700 club Thursday night rolling a 694 three game scratch series, while competing on lanes one and two.  Haggerty clinched the men’s high set of the night on games of 277 and 232 and also help his team, The Haggertys, take all four possible wins in the process.  
    Chris Brooks was the most consistent bowler Thursday night, shooting a three game set of 214-213-214 on his 207 individual average.  Brooks led his team, Harrison’s Crew, to take two wins and climb into a three way tie for fourth place in the team standings on his 641 scratch set.  
    Brooks’ teammate, Armin Ayers, pitched in with games of 221 and 228 in a 608 three game scratch series.  
    Chris Large took his team, Over & Under, to the winners circle during men’s play after bowling an outstanding 643 three game scratch set.  Large, competing on a 176 individual average, shot scores of 225, 205 and 213 to help his team take three of the four possible wins Thursday night.  Large’s effort Thursday is his highest series of the 2013-2014 Fall season thus far.
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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