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SS trainers are recognized

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The Sulphur Springs athletic trainers recently received recognition as National Athletic Trainer’s Month was observed.
    The honor will continue through March across the nation.

    Sulphur Springs head coach and athletic director Greg Owens knows about the importance of these athletic trainers who are under the direction of Tammy Carrell at the high school. Josh Neill is the assistant athletic trainer.
    “Athletic trainers are truly the team behind the team, they do a great job of
taking care of all of our athletes. It is a thankless job most of the time, but when an athlete doesn't have water or turns an ankle they want some their right away - our guys and gals are always ready,” Owens said. “Coach Carrell and Coach Neill do a fantastic job of taking care of our student/athletes and preparing future athletic trainers. We truly are appreciative and thankful for all that they do.”
    Carrell said, “I have three seniors - Abby McAfee, Nellie Govea, and Annie Barker. Abby has been in the program for four years. She has helped with football. baseball. soccer, and basketball.  Nellie has been in the program for three years. She has helped with football, girls and boys basketball. Annie has been in the program for two years. She has helped with football and baseball. They bring a lot of character and leadership to the AT program.”
    “Drew Cross, Ashley Rodriguez, Crusita Maldonado, and Jonna Higginbotham are my sophomores,” Carrell said. “They started last year as freshmen and have really stepped up. they have taken on responsibilities and are a great asset.My freshmen Nikki Aranda, Brittany Bales, Allison Bledsoe, Destiny Jones, Rodolfo Perez, and Danielle Petty have done a great job this year.”
    Carrell continued, “All the students have put in long hours this year. They get here before the athletes do and don't leave til everyone else is gone. We start in late July getting ready for football and volleyball two-a-days. and we go until all sports are done. the most demanding times are during football. There is a lot going on at that time. There is always injuries or something to do. It is a busy time but usually the favorite time of year. Just because there is a lot to do and always something going on. We like to stay busy. The other sports are fun as well. but may not be as demanding as football. is.”
    Carrell explained that all trainers work football and then they are assigned another sport. They are on a rotation and the goal is to work every sport and not just the same sport every year. This allows the student to work for various coaches and sports. This gives them a better overall view of how all sports work.
     “This group has been a fun group to work with. They are always laughing and having a good time. I have heard several of them talk about how they get along and feel like a family. It has been an eventful year to say the least. It is sad to see the seniors in their final year. They will all be missed,” she said.
     Carrell added, “I am excited for next year. We will have four returning with two years experience. Then we will have the freshmen returning with experience. Hopefully we will have some freshmen come in.”
    This years’ motto for athletic trainers is “We have your back.”




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