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Bowling league report for March 18

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Penny Shelton started Tuesday night’s mixed league action off with a 183, which is not uncommon for the 167 average bowler to shoot from time to time. 

It was the last two games of the set that the veteran competitor turned on the heat and annihilated her opponents with scores of 210 and 231.  Shelton’s massive effort on lanes five and six awarded her a career best 624 three game scratch series and her first sanctioned 600 set.
    Allan Hague set the tone Monday night during trio league play, shooting an overwhelming 741 three game scratch series.  Hague shot out of the gate slower than usual, posting a 204 for his efforts during the first game of the match.  Hague quickly realigned himself to finish the night with scores of 300 and 237 on his 226 individual average.  Hague nabbed his fifth sanctioned perfect game of his career and boosted his team, Ann & 2 Gents., into a two way tie for second place in the team standings.  
    Jim Beard led his Cowboys/Bills to sole possession of second place in the team standings after completing a solid 702 three game scratch series Sunday night during the Super Bowl Post Bowl league.  Beard collected scores of 265 and 243 on his 202 individual average, helping his team take one win from Sunday’s session.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    The Saints/Steelers have been on a mission to be crowned the fifth six week period champions of the fall season and move into first place in overall wins for the season, and after Sunday’s performance the team is edging closer to their goal.  
    Chuck Russell, the team’s Patriarch, never missed his mark Sunday recording scores of 229, 211 and 212 for a 652 scratch series.  Mark Miller added games of 199 and 225 on his 184 average, while his wife, Debbie, shot a 560 scratch series that included games of 210 and 186 on her 183 average.  Justin Parmer rolled games of 215, 224 and 233 for a 672 scratch set on his 195 individual average.  The team collectively took three win for the night and moved into sole possession of first place in the team standings with a two game lead and only three weeks of competition left in the current six week period.
    The Texans/Lions stomped their opponents Sunday night with a combined 2,540 scratch series.  Tarry Davison, the team’s leadoff bowler, captured scores of 256 and 247 in his 694 three game scratch series.  Louis Lufkin and Allan Roberts posted scratch sets of 636 and 644 with games of 269, 234, 211 and 207.  Team Captain Betty Russell got in on the action firing games of 189 and 199 to ensure the team took all four possible wins from the bout.  
Monday Night Trio
    Amy Sharp just missed the 600 club Monday night, with her valiant 596 scratch effort.  Sharp led her team, 2 Dolls & A Ball, to take two wins for the night on her games of 226 and 194.  Sharp also was able to take a commanding lead in the women’s average category with a 194.48 thus far for the fall season, a whopping nine pin lead over second place.  
    Smucker’s Boys took four wins after leadoff bowler, Zane Calderon, posted a stellar 631 three game scratch series that included games of 234 and 215.  Juan Peralta added a solid 215, while Debbie Miller booked a 202 during the first game of the night.  The team has a five game lead in the team standings with a 21 and 7 record for the third quarter of the season.
Monday Night Ladies
    Pat Chaddick led the ladies this week with her 528 three game scratch performance on lanes three and four.  Chaddick, a veteran of the Monday Night Ladies league, steadily increased with each game of the match, bowling scores of 166, 180 and 182.  Chaddick guided her team, The Lake Fork Hookers, to four wins and fourth place in the team standings.  
    Just Trouble took three wins in part to anchor bowler Kathy Kirkpatrick charting a 417 three game scratch series on her 126 individual average.  Kirkpatrick tossed games of 135, 145 and 137 to move her team into a two way tie for first place in the team standings.  Kirkpatrick’s teammate, Kay Dunahoo, pitched in with games of 140 and 151 on her 137 individual average.  

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Bruce and Cathye Michaelson led their team, The Cat’s Meow, to take two and half wins Tuesday night on their 712 and 536 three game scratch sets.  Bruce fired a pair of 249 games along with a 214 at the end of the night, while Cathye was above par all evening shooting scores of 188, 165 and 183 on her 160 individual average.  
    Jessica Horton charted an astounding 477 three game scratch set on her 138 individual average.  Horton, a newcomer to the sport this season, nailed games of 148, 146 and 183 to help her team, The Avid Reader, take three of the four possible wins up for grabs.  Horton’s father and teammate, Kevin, chipped in with games of 213 and 233.  
    Duwayne Benson recorded the men’s third high series of the night with his 688 three game scratch series fired on lanes nine and ten.  Benson chalked up scores of 247 and 243 to help his team take three wins.  
    Justin Haggerty followed Michaelson’s pace all night, snatching up his own 712 three game set.  Haggerty rolled games of 245, 234 and 233 enabling his team, Amy’s Toy Box, to run away with three wins from the match.  

Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Shayne Wilson clinched the top spot Thursday night with his 745 three game scratch series.  Wilson, who has been on fire as of late, tossed games of 224, 266 and 255 helping his team take all four possible wins for the session.  
    Bruce Michaelson, Wilson’s teammate, continued his domination from Tuesday night with a notable 686 scratch set that included scores of 247 and 234.  
    Zane Calderon decimated his opponents Thursday compiling an extraordinary 688 three game scratch set on his 170 individual average.  Calderon, in his sophomore season at Classic Lanes, charted scores of 257 and 240 to help his team, Over & Under, take two wins from the bout.  
    Chris Brooks led his team, Harrison’s Crew to three win on his 737 three game scratch series.  Brooks clobbered his competition with scorers of 245, 229 and 263.  
    Bobby Matthews just missed the 700 mark Thursday night with his respectable 681 three scratch set.  Matthews, returning to Classic Lanes this season, shot games of 225, 212 and 244 to help his team, Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch, take one win.  
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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