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Bowling league report for March 4

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Shayne Wilson started the fall season in a rut but is steadily climbing his way out over the last few outings. 

Wilson is an avid bowler that competes at many venues including Classic Lanes.
     While in competition this week at Classic Lanes, Wilson fired his 43rd career 300 game during Thursday night’s Men’s Commercial league.  In addition to the coveted perfect game, Wilson shot scores of 234 and 220 on his 222 average.  While many would think Wilson’s feat during Thursday men’s action is outstanding, it is a bit off beat for his pace this far into the fall session.  Nevertheless Wilson has started to incline over the last few weeks to try and make a mad dash to finish the 36 week competition with his sixth consecutive 230 plus individual average.  Good Luck and high scores Mr. Wilson, we look forward to what you have in store for the remainder of this year’s fall session.   
    Debbie Miller catapulted her Saints/Steelers team into first place after her 615 three game scratch set during Sunday’s mixed play in the Super Bowl Post Bowl league.  Although neither of her pro picks made it to their respective championship bout, Miller is on a relentless path to lead her team to the Championship roll off at the end of the season with multiple six week period titles under her belt.
    Bruce Michaelson nabbed two substantial series this week while competing at Classic Lanes.  Michaelson is a bowler that has his name often attached to such monikers as steady, dependable or consistent.  After both Tuesday and Thursday sets Michaelson compiled scores of 237, 244, 205, 258 and 286.  Tuesday’s 686 scratch effort led his team, the Cat’s Meow, into a four way tie for sixth place in the team standings and a total of 57.5 wins for the season thus far.  Thursday’s 729 three game scratch performance, which included 10 strikes in a row during the third game of the match, pushed his team to a flawless victory for the evening and a two way tie for second place in the team standings.  

Super Bowl Post Bowl
    Teammates Mark Miller and Chuck Russell decimated their opponents Sunday night with three game sets of 637 and 622.  Miller, following his wife’s lead, captured remarkable scores of 248 and 202 to complete the night 91 pins above his average for series.  
    Chuck Russell, the patriarch of the Saints/Steelers team, started the night slow but was able to find his target after the first game to end the session with scores of 247 and 213 on his 190 individual average.  Both men contributed to their team moving into first place in the team standings for the four six week period of the fall season, proving the “old guys” still have what it takes to get the job done.  
    Speaking of “old guys” Steve Burrows led his Bears/Ravens to victory circle Sunday night on his 577 three game scratch series.  Burrows, a coach for Winnsboro Independent School District, rolled games of 192, 214 and 171 on his 170 average to help his team amass three wins for the match and jump into a six way tie for fourth place in the team standings.   

Monday Night Trio
     Jason Keller snatched the top spot for the men’s high series Monday night during trio action.  Keller’s 691 set included games of 253 and 238 on his 221 individual average.
    David Whitten, anchorman for Triple D, nailed a 626 three game scratch series on lanes nine and ten Monday night.  Whitten, who was off last season, put to use the old saying that mention’s something about a bicycle and hammered his opponents with scores of 236 and 202.  Whitten looked on top of his game all night and led his team to three incredible wins and sole possession of fourth place in the team standings.  
    Whitten’s wife and teammate, Denise, chipped in with games of 147 and 188 on her 137 individual average.  
    Justin Haggerty led his team, 2 Dolls & A Ball, to three wins on his 634 scratch effort.  Haggerty rolled games of 212, 223 and 199 to claim the men’s second high series of the night.  

Monday Night Ladies
    Rhonda Stephens seized first place in the high series category during the Monday Night Ladies league with a strong 546 set.  Stephens, team captain for the Lake Fork Hookers, tossed games of 163, 196 and 187 to help her team take three of the four possible wins up for grabs Monday.  
    Pat Chaddick, Stevens teammate and anchor bowler for the Lake Fork Hookers, bagged a pair of 169 games and a 157 to finish the session 18 pins above her average for series.  
    Mary Crabb posted a notable 479 scratch series, while bowling on lanes one and two.   Crabb, competing on a 143 individual average, charted scores of 182 and 159 to clinch one win for her team, Shudda’ Been.  

Tuesday Night Mixed
    Michael Burnett has made an unbelievable return to the sport this season after an extended time away.  Burnett clinched the men’s second high series of the night with his 676 three game scratch set on lanes fifteen and sixteen.  
    Rachel Myers, competing in her sophomore season at Classic Lanes, demolished her competition Tuesday night with her 522 three game scratch series.  Myers rallied her team to a three win victory on games of 183, 166 and 173.  Myers ended the session 78 pins above her average for series.  
    Brian Stegall and Shane Quinn led the Looney Pins to three wins Tuesday on their three game scratch sets of 608 and 612.  Stegall, a veteran competitor at Classic Lanes for several seasons, was above his 172 individual average all evening with scores of 205, 212 and 191.  
    Quinn rolled stellar games of 229 and 221 to push the team into a two way tie for third place in the team standings, with a 14 and 10 record.  
Thursday Men’s Commercial
    Jason Keller took the bronze Thursday night placing third in the men’s high series category with his 722 three game scratch performance on lanes one and two.  Keller was dialed in all evening firing games of 264, 223 and 235 on his 225 individual average.  
    Joey Davila just missed the 700 club Thursday night with his valiant 694 scratch effort.  Davila was one of the most consistent bowlers of the night shooting scores of 226, 235 and 233 to finish the match 91 pins above his average for series.  
    Kenny Turner led Git R Done to three wins on his above par 620 three game scratch set.  Turner, starting the night with a 193 individual average, recorded scores of 198, 193 and a massive 229 to end the night and help his team climb into two way tie for eighth place in the team standings.  
    Justin Parmer, advertising director at Classic Lanes, submitted this report.




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