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Edwards rips the racks for 798 series in Classic Lanes action

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Steve Edwards powered out a 798 series, just two sticks shy of a coveted 800 honor score, in league play Thursday night at Classic Lanes.
Edwards, bowling with the Watkins team on lanes 3-4 in the Thursday Men’s Commercial League on Feb. 12, opened the big set with a 270 game, followed up with a near-perfect 279 in game two, and closed the set by striking out from the sixth frame for a 249.
The right-hander carried a 196 average into the night’s action. With his 11-pin handicap (the league calculates individual handicap on the basis of 80 percent of the bowler’s average from 210), he compiled an 831 handicap total, highest in the league for the season to date.
Edwards’ scratch series was the third 798 of the 2008-09 season in the Thursday men’s league. He joins Jason Keller and Shayne Wilson on that lofty perch.
Edwards’ 798 was one of six 700-plus series sets at Classic Lanes for the week ending Feb. 13. Three of the sevens came in the Tuesday Night Mixed and three from the Thursday men’s league.
Angela Allen paced the women’s scoring for the week with a 653 in the Sunday Night Mixed on Feb. 8. (Because of early deadlines, reports from the Sunday and Monday leagues appear in this column a week later than the other two leagues.)
Highlights of the week included, by league:

Sunday Night Mixed
Angela Allen’s 653 series consisted of 245 and 223 games to begin the set before finishing with a 185. She entered the evening’s play carrying a 179 average with the Big Dogs team, bowling on lanes 9-10.
Tarry Davison and Harold McClure led the men’s scratch scoring with 684 each, followed by Greg Pullen’s 664. Pullen’s 266 game led the scratch game bracket for the session. Davison’s series included 245 and 237 games, while teammate McClure’s 684 was a steady 224-225-235. Alan Roberts, also a member of the Whistle Blowers team, carded a 633 in a consistent 208-212-213 block.
Meanwhile, Tasha Crist, averaging 116, rolled a solid 370 series with a 144 high; Tina Crist popped a 156 game on her 111 average; Nathan Crist fired a 215 game; Shawna Hall ripped a 214 game on a 148 average and finished with a 512 set; Brett Stovall hit a 615 with 189-222-202; Gerald Chaney, carrying a 148 average, compiled an impressive 542 series in a 186-194-162 outing; and Larry Stovall carded a 224 game.
Kathy VanSickle hit a 200-even game; David VanSickle shot 206 and 204 games; James Allen posted a 205 game; Michael Bowden was over average each game with a 188-179-194 for 561; Maddene Harred, averaging 97, rolled games of 120-130-159 for a 409 series; Jim Galloway had a 203 game; Sybil Galloway rolled a 506 with a 179 high game on a 153 average; Ace Wiginton shot a 244 game; Richard Allen a 203 game; and Becky Bowden posted a 227 game.
Colby Pullen hit a 201 game; Corey Ogle fired a 656 set on games of 203-215-238; Michael Burnett had 215 and 214 games; Jason Parmer shot 653 with 235 and 227 games included; Shannon Hague posted a 203 game; David Strain hit 223-213-209 for 645; and Allan Hague recorded 218 and 223 games.
Wade Crist, averaging 135 to open play, shot a 481 with a 223 game; Deborah Crist rolled games of 160-140-166 for a 466 on a 139 average; Wesley Crist posted a 223 game; Martha Thompson was 50 pins over average in her 160 game and went on to shoot a 416 series; Adam Thompson rolled a 223 game; and Greg Pullen thumped a 664 set with his 265 high game.

Monday Night Ladies
Shannon Hague led the women’s scratch game scoring with a 234, while Amanda Green missed a 600 series by one pin for high scratch series and led the handicap series chase with 665.
Debra Sutterfield, averaging 141 to open play, fired a 506 with a 181-172-153; Charlie Romanat opened with a 190 game, added a 171 and finished with a 504 series on her 134 average; Kathy King hit a 203 game; Green’s 599 set included 211 and 218 games; and Rhonda Wilcox shot a solid 183-193-184 for 560 on her 157 average.
Eva Phillips, averaging 138 going in, shot a 171 game and 428 series; Betty Russell rolled a 192 game; Catalina Torres was 53 pins over average in her opening 193 game; Joy Hoekstra carded a 411 series on her 111 average, topped by a 144 game; Cindy Butler was 34 over average in a 165 game; and Penny Shelton hit a 183 game off a 152 entering average.
Erika Gammill, carrying a 95 average, opened with a 140 game and went on to a 344 series; Danilee Ogle rolled a 197 game; and Shannon Hague shot 569 including her 234 opener.

Tuesday Night Mixed
Justin Haggerty narrowly missed a perfect game with his 290, while Mike Gililland, Allan Hague and David Soeder all carded 700-plus series sets. Becky Bowden powered out a 639 series with a 244 game to lead the women, followed by Donna Soeder with 569 and a 221 game; and Shannon Hague rolled a 565 set. Donna Soeder led the handicap scoring with a 262 game and 692 series.
Gililland’s 734 consisted of 263-258-213 games; Hague hammered a 254-227-246 for 727; and David Soeder’s 709 came on games of 244-196-269.
Mike Dunahoo, entering play with a 164 average, rolled a 571 with a 185-184-202; Joe Bell II fired a 210 game, 50 pins over average; Pam Parmer hit a 195 game and 507 series on her 145 average; James Parmer rolled games of 234 and 202 in a 629 set; Betty Russell carded a 203 game; Steve Edwards closed with a 238 game; and Charlie Romanat fired 177-198-153 for a 528 series off her 144 average.
Ace Wiginton opened play with a 258 game; Larry Siegert shot a 203 game; Smitty Smith rolled a pair of 209 games; Rick Pearce had games of 257 and 208 in a 614 series; Dave Gholson stroked a 252 game and 641 series; Melissa Shelton fired a hefty 179 game on her 127 average and went on to post a 460 series; and Erma Whitney was 41 pins over average in her 197 game.
Donna Soeder’s 569 set included a 221 final game; Cliff Whitney came within one stick of shooting a 198 triplicate score with a 197 in game three; Jason Keller powered a 675 series with a 236 game included; Shannon Hague’s 565 set included a 213 closing game; Justin Haggerty’s 290 came in the final game, giving him a 670 series; Debra Sutterfield hit a 192 game, 40 pins over average; Jesse Haggerty shot a pair of 208 games; and Jason Parmer carded a 226 game.
Thursday Men’s Commercial
While Edwards was firing his 798 series, Jim Beard and Mike Fletcher added 700-plus scores to the mix. Beard’s 723 came in a 222-256-245 set, while Fletcher shot 258-210-246 for a 714.
Elsewhere around the league, Jerry C. Thompson shot a 202 game; David VanSickle a 215; Ace Wiginton a 210; Greg Pullen carded a 228-200-220 set for 646; David Strain closed with a 214 for a 606 series; Charles Harred hit a 238 game and 614 series; Darreyl Dixon shook off a slow start to close with 257 and 238 for a 681 set; and Colby Strain hit 667 with 258 and 221 games.
Tarry Davison fired a 233 game; Vincent Smith a 219 game; Chad Nuss hit 607 in a 203-224-180 set; Zach Howser carded games of 200 and 222; Mike Nolen rolled a 201 game; Rodney Miller recorded a 221 game; Russ Nuss closed his block with a 246 game; Jason Parmer popped a 256 game; Justin Haggerty carded a 206 game; Darrell Green fired a near-700 set with 255-213-226 for 694; Red Skelton had games of 202 and 214; Larry Stovall put a 649 on the board with 223 and 231 games included; Wes Crist had a 200-even game; James Allen opened with a 232 game; and Matt Arnold had games of 220 and 223 in a 626 effort.
Robert Spurgeon carded a 200 game; Curtis Berringer shot a lofty 267 game; Dwayne Allen, averaging 160 to open play, hit an impressive 247 game and 591 series; Mike Miller posted a 205 game; Buddy McClendon closed with a 235 game; Dave Gholson had a 233 game; Jason Smith a 226 game; Neldon Smith authored a 659 with 244 and 224 games included; and Mike Gilliland powered out a 664 series with a 236 high game.
Cory Love, averaging 140 to open play, shot 484 with 174 and 168 games included; Philip Coleman rolled a 213 game off his 155 average; Matt Parker posted a 678 set with games of 257 and 244 included; Adam Thompson had a 208 game; Jeff Wright a 208 game; Joe Freeman recovered from a slow start with 233 and 208 games for a 608 set; Randy Youngs compiled a 647 on games of 228-206-213; and Koy Cline closed with a 236 game for a 614 series.
Keith Ethridge rolled a 205 game; Bruce Michaelson stroked a steady 684 with 225-235-224; Shayne Wilson fired a 268 game and 696 series; Mark Smith hit a 651 series with a 258 opening game; Joe Bell had a 204 game; Scott Ogle shot 636 with 205-200-232; Glen Taylor recorded a 210 game; and Allan Hague hit a 217 game.




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