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Home Blogs From the Press Box Yo Adrian, what are you thinking?

Yo Adrian, what are you thinking?

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Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers recently said at the Fan Fest he thinks the team could 'compete' for the AL West title, even after losing Michael Young, Josh Hamilton and others.

I like his loyalty, but I don't agree with him.


Beltre, a Gold Glove player at third, who hit .321 last year is a great player. One of my favorites. But he is taking the company line and it just doesn't add up to me.

How can the Rangers do what they did last year and they don't have the same talent?

Jon Daniels said deals could still be made. I hope they do it and prove me wrong.  I havebaked in the Texas summer sun before and gone home heart-broken by Wash and the boys.


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Still competitive
written by a guest , January 15, 2013
I feel like the team can still be competitive in the West.

Let's talk offense: Beltre, like you said, is a great player. He had an MVP type season last year. Getting rid of Mike Young, though I will dearly miss him, was actually addition by subtraction. If you look at the stats, he was actually probably hurting the team more than helping them when he was on the field.

The addition of Pierzynski was probably a good move (in the wake of losing Napoli), as he had a career last year. Though, his age and longer term history are a little troubling (not as much as giving $11M to "The Big Puma" Lance Berkman, however).

If Profar sees significant playing time, then I think we will see some fireworks. He was MLB.com's #1 rated prospect last year, and I think he's more than capable of delivering a Bryce Harper-type (if not more like Mike Trout) season for Texas.

Yes, losing Hamilton to Anaheim hurts, but hopefully that park will reveal just how much playing in Texas helped the Big Lefty.

The rotation is interesting. I think we know what to expect from Harrison. Holland and Darvish could both be poised for breakout seasons with as good as they've been. Lewis and Feliz should find their way back at some point in the early part of the season. Martin Perez is still learning a lot, and we may see Ogando have at least another first half like the one he had in 2011.

Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic about this team. If they would go out and sign a guy like Michael Bourn, I'd definitely be happier with the team, but I wouldn't count them out quite yet.

I know I didn't get too in-depth, or talk about losing key pieces from the bullpen, but I'm just a commenter here, give me a break.

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