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Home Blogs From the Press Box Penn State coach is staying, for now

Penn State coach is staying, for now

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    Penn State has been through issues for a while now. Dealing with problems and trying to win a few football games.
    Now they have a coach who appears to be playing both ends toward the middle.

    Sure Bill O’Brien will stay. Because the sack of money is big enough.
    O’Brien, the former OC for New England, took over the Nittany Lions in a time of dire need. He promised to stay, work with the team, help them overcome problems and restore integrity to Happy Valley.
    So now it seems O’Brien will stay and not take a job in the NFL and turning things around at Penn State and posting an 8-4 record.
    He recently said how he loved the place and how the players pulled at his “heartstrings.”
    But I think it was the Penn State alum pulling at his wallet. It has been reported he is in-line to get a $1.3 million raise. That will bring his total compensation package to $3.5 million.

O'Brien is getting paid $3.5 mil a year and he just has one year of major college coaching under his belt.

    So with that in mind - he really does love the place and will show his loyalty by staying.
    If he is so loyal - then why did he go to interview with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cleveland Browns?

Just to visit old pals?
    No, he was getting leverage. Penn State is going to pay for him to stay. His heartstrings are now covered in gold.
    Just wait a year or two, the NFL will come calling again. We will see how much integrity he has then. He signed a five-year deal with Penn State not too long ago.

Chances are he will be bucking for another raise soon, or threatening to go back to the NFL.


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