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D-E-B-A-C-L-E at north Ark. spelling bee

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JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) — Sixth-grader Morgan Sims won the Craighead County Spelling Bee with the word debacle, but the yearly contest quickly turned into one over a forgotten entry fee.

Morgan, a sixth-grader at Buffalo Island Central's West Elementary School, took home the first-place trophy and a $200 savings bond. However, second place winner Elizabeth Kaffka, a fifth-grader at Valley View Intermediate fifth-grader, will head to the state competition after Morgan's school forget to pay a $100 per-building entry fee to the Scripps National Spelling Bee, said Craighead County School District coordinator Sandra Taylor.

Taylor said the upfront fee is optional for participation in the county bee, but required to advance to the state competition.

News of the forgotten entry fee hit Morgan's northeastern Arkansas school district hard. Eighty students competed in this year's contest.

"She won the county. I'm proud of that," superintendent George Edd Holland told The Jonesboro Sun newspaper. "It's unfortunate she can't compete at the next level. I was caught off guard. I assumed we were fully eligible. I don't know how or why the decision was made to only register the junior high building, but all buildings will be registered from now on."

Morgan, who made it to the second round in the county bee last year, took the ordeal in stride.

"I'm really excited. I was here last year and was hoping to win. I'm so glad I did," she said.

Second-place winner Elizabeth seemed a bit more blase about her sudden turn of fortunes.

"I think I will spend the rest of the day playing my video games," she said after the contest. "Maybe Pokemon."


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elizabeth k.
written by a guest , June 29, 2013
Yes hello this is the actual elizabeth kaffka and i would like to say several things that i think will greatly improve this fine piece of 4 year old and no longer relevant news
1) i was actually really shook up about morgan not getting to go, it made me feel really guilty
2) the reporter paraphrased me, she asked me what i was going to do with MY savings bond, and i told her i would buy pokemon games with it. She told me i couldn't spend it until i was eighteen.
3) i am turning sixteen in september, and i still fully intend to spend that money on buying pokemon games.
4) benihara's sushi is delicious

5) Neither one of my parents are lawyers. My dad is self-employed, and works in construction. and at the time i won the spelling bee, my mother was studying to become a nurse after struggling with years of drug addiction. Around 2002ish, she became the first woman to graduate from Arkansas's drug court. I'm saying this because I saw a forum post joking about it and its implications have since haunted me. It implied I wasn't smart because I tried really hard and ended up being lucky. It implied my life has been nothing but middle class comforts and having things I wanted handed straight to me. It invalidated my feelings and situation, is what I'm saying, and this numbered narcissistic rant came about entirely because of that post. I wanted to banish that gnawing demon, if only for my peace of mind.

6) Hahahahaha, MAYONNAISE?!?! Mayonnaise??


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