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If Looks Could Kill

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Okay, it's time to catch up... I haven't blogged in quite some time, I know. Not only have I been incredibly busy but my kids have just been normal. Not a whole lot of excitement going on and nothing really too funny or just "oh so cute, I must tell everyone!!" happening. I guess the with the hustle and bustle of the holidays over things have calmed down.
However, I do want to share a picture and story that many moms will find close to home.
As we were driving home from basketball games Saturday, Alex, the two year old, was squirming in his carseat saying "out, out". I told him no, he would get out in a minute when we got home, he had to stay in his carseat.
His reply??? No words, just a look. He was not happy with my answer!

There's really nothing else I can add. I think the picture explains it all. He stared at me like that the rest of the way home!
Boy being a mom is Fun!
Happy Mothering to all the mom's reading this!

Angry Alex

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seen that look before
written by Cindy Roller , April 17, 2009
That is a look I am all too familiar with...after taking our youngest to a sitter five days in a row (even though she loves her--we try to keep that occurance to three times max) I had to peel her from my body this morning so I could get caught up with sports. She was fine and elated to see me when I got home--and I her along with the rest of the family. Love track but the running from meet to meet is killin my accerlator foot.
Cute Cute Cute
written by a guest , February 10, 2009
Kim, he looks JUST like you! I can't believe how big he's gotten! Mom told me about your blog site, and I am looking forward to more updates!

Leslie Nelson

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