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Tom Hanks Rules

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Who would have thought back when Bosom Buddies was on TV in the '80s that Tom Hanks would end up being one of the most respected and influential actors in Hollywood? He has two movies coming out in 2009 that he stars in and another that he produced. So, let's look at the 10 best movies of his career.

1. Saving Private Ryan. The most gripping, emotional movie of his career, Hanks is perfect as the commander of a D-Day group of soldiers who risk their lives for a single man.

2. Forrest Gump. A mixture of pathos and comedy, it was the first movie of its kind to take one man through a lifetime of world-changing events. But, those events didn't change him. Hanks' top-earning movie at $329 million.

3. Apollo 13. A true story of the "Successful Failure" to land three astronauts on the moon in 1970 and bring them home safely after a crippling fire to the ship.

4. Bachelor Party. One of Hanks' earliest movies, it is a trademark of his quirky comedy stylings. Plus, it is the only movie in which Adrian Zmed is remembered.

5. Road to Perdition. For once, Hanks isn't the good guy. He's not the total bad guy, either, just a mob hitman with a heart for his son.

6. The Green Mile. Tom Hanks meets Stephen King.

7. Splash. Another of Hanks' early love story/comedies with memorable performances by John Candy and Daryl Hannah.

8. Big. Hanks is a grown man playing a young boy who is acting like a grown man.

9. That Thing You Do. Actually, this is not one of Hanks' greatest roles, but it lands on our list because he also co-wrote the screen play and most of the songs on the catchy sound track about a clean-cut '60s one-hit-wonder rock group.

10. Cast Away. Hanks has to do a one-man show for most of the movie, which is a lot to ask of anyone.

Honorable Mention: Voice overs in the Toy Story trilogy (Toy Story 3 is due out next year).

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