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Dear Delores,I live in Precinct 1 and our roads are horrendous. Our commissioner, for whatever reason, does not see fit to repair these roads properly. An occasional shovel of oil dirt tossed into a pot hole here and there just doesn't do the trick. That's about the extent of repair we receive IF we receive any attention to our roads at all. I do not expect, by any means, the roads to be as smooth as highways. I have been in other precincts and their roads are a thousand times better than ours. What does their commisioner know that ours does not? Could it be they actually believe in doing the kind of job the citizens who voted them in expected them to do? Should we have to beg them to do their job? I think not, but complaining directly to the source has proven to be futile. What can we do to get through to our commisioner and convince her to do the job she was voted in to do? Her residential road is no better than any of the others so she is not giving herself preferential treatment. What is she doing that takes all her time and money away from road repair. I know there is more to the job than just fixing the roads but any taxpayer who votes will tell you that's why they vote for who they do. They expect the roads to be in decent shape. She is falling way short of doing her job in my opinion and I'm sick of it. Any ideas you could give me to get through to this woman would be greatly appreciated.

Tired of our crummy commisoner!


Dear Tired:

Your only tool is your vote. I have checked around and other than what you have already done [complaining to the source], there is nothing else. Perhaps you could bide your time until the next election with a few games. For example,  (1) Dodge the pot hole. Deduct points for hitting small animals in the process; (2) Count the Pot holes. As soon as you can count 5 new additional pot holes buy yourself a new tire or get your front end alined; (3) Riding the Edge. Try to get as close to the edge of the road as possible without going into the ditch. There are no rewards for this game but do count yourself as a winner if you can avoid all the pot holes with this game. A good sense of humor can certainly pass time until the next election. Have fun and let me know how the games go!



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Resident of Precinct 1
written by a guest , February 24, 2009
I agree with Tired. I too live in Precinct one and we have a horrible commissioner. She seems way more interested in her own personal goals than actually fulfilling the job she was voted in to do. She'll never get my vote again! I want a commissioner who will actually fix our roads instead of coming along maybe once a year and throwing a little oil dirt in a few pot holes. She is a sorry excuse of a commissioner if you ask me. Do your job Wisenbaker and quit jacking around with your self serving politics!

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