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Lousy Streets

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Dear Delores:

I live in Eastern Hopkins Co., but visit the city often for business and to see relatives. What is up with the streets in Sulphur Springs? All the way from huge pot holes to the crazy one way traffic on the I-30 service road. On top of that they spent all that money on Main St. and if you are going East you can't even get on the square without going around the world. And the crazy backwards parking spaces on Gilmer after you have to turn right from Main. Is it possible to hire a real traffic engineer to take care of these problems.


Dear NB:

I rather like the one way traffic on the service roads. I think that was a great idea. The crazy backwards parking spaces on Gilmer, however, puzzle me. That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Not sure who came up with that one but it is a little hazardous to say the least. They did finally mark the lanes on the square putting it back to two lanes of traffic which needed to be done. Our streets are in dire need of repair and I don't mean just a lick and a promise. I mean real REPAIR. We pay taxes for that sort of thing. Makes you wonder what's happening to it, doesn't it? Try not to jar your brains out when you travel the city streets on your visits.


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I agree
written by Butch Burney , January 30, 2009
I love Main Street (though it is a little narrow), but the back-in parking on Gilmer is absurd. First of all, it squeezes two lanes of traffic into one lane, blocks your view of traffic from Tomlinson Street, and is a headache. The city needs to wise up and allow Main Street traffic to turn right into its own lane onto Gilmer.

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