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The Bachelor

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Why do we watch a show in which men and women set themselves up for rejection?  Falling in love is risky, but what makes it even riskier to fall in love with someone that ten other people have fallen in love with and in front of everyone across the nation.

We all know that the show just isn’t realistic, but it is nice to dream of helicopter rides, evening gowns and dates on a secluded beach. And thanks to the producers they are able to live out these fairy tales.

In some ways, the show promotes the concept of falling in love with romance more than it portrays true life.  True life includes financial difficulties and hectic work schedules and communication struggles and just plain work that a good marriage takes. You don’t see any of that on the show.

Why do we watch? Because we love every minute of it. 


There have been 13 seasons of the Bachelor and 4 seasons of the Bachelorette.  Has any good came out of it for these lucky contenders?  Yes, Season 1 Trista and Ryan Rutter married in December of 2003, and Byron and Mary Delgado are still together despite their Thanksgiving fight back in 2007 that landed Mary in jail. 


I have a feeling this season is going to be a little different.  I’m still not sure what is going to happen with DeAnna supposedly coming back to ruffle some feathers with Jason.  – He better not take her back.  She was an idiot to choose Jesse over Jason to begin with. 


I absolutely looooooove Melissa from Dallas and Stephanie is beginning to grow on me.   I can’t wait to see who he chooses and we already know she accepts his proposal but hopefully this couple will make it down the altar. 


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written by a guest , February 17, 2009
Okay so it is gettin closer. Last night on the bachelor was so grand. I was so nervous to find out who he was gonna send home. And at the end when he called mellisa's name to get a rose I was relieved becasue all I care about winning is mellisa! And I hope she winns and I cant wait to see it next monday. It is going to so nerveracking and so emotionally.
written by a guest , February 11, 2009
omg I donno if I can wait til next weeks show the bachelor. I am so nervous about who is going to get sent home.I am glad Naomi got sent home, didnt like her all that much and the way she talked got on my nerves,but I did feel sorry for her towards the end. And now I really like Jillian and her family fits in great,but I love mellisa and I knew she looked familiar to me,and then I found out she was on the cowboys cheerleading show. She is soo cute and a great person and would be a great mom,just wished he could have meet her parents. And I still like Molly but her family didnt seem like they all fit in all together, so I donno! So can't wait til next monday just fro that though!
The bachelor
written by a guest , February 04, 2009
I absolutely love this seasons the bachelor. And you are right it is different this time. The other series are rediculous and this is so good! I love molly and mellisa alot and i did like stephanie but he let her go! This is the only reason I look forward to mondays, and cant wait for the next show where they get to meet the family!

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