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Edgefest 22 rocks Frisco

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April 22, 2012 - It was a hell of a show on Sunday at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco for Edgefest 22, the mostly-annual alternative-rock music festival hosted by KDGE 102.1 The Edge. Close to 20,000 fans came out to see such bands as the Black Keys, Garbage, Cake, Evanescence, Blue October and Cage the Elephant. Despite the very talented, but much ballyhooed, headliner band, the Black Keys, rocking the house in a big way, without doubt Garbage and Evanescence stole the show.



After a 10-year hiatus from performing in the DFW area, Scottish-rocker-chick Shirley Manson and her band Garbage kept the fists pumping and the heads banging. A poster band for 90s alternative punk, many younger Edgeheads were seeing Garbage for the first time - and loving it. At 45, with cherry-red hair flying, the still-irresistible, black-shrouded temptress still knows how to wail and keep the crowd wrapped around her little fingers. With a new album out and concert tour underway, Garbage is back on the scene and on air. Check them out on iTunes. Links below.



Evanescence lead singer Amy Lee is so classy and talented. Her delicate finger play over the piano keys, paired with her soul-stroking, crystal-thrashing vocals, are a sound powerhouse rarely matched. Her unique and melodic vocals are matched only by her dark, etherial visage and stage presence. An impressive show and a must-see band for any concert-goer.

The Black Keys

Not necessarily Edge music until lately, but unmistakably gifted and a crowd-pleaser, the Grammy-award winning blues rock duo known as the Black Keys can do more with a drum kit and electric guitar than most bands can with a whole stage full of gear. Dan Auerbach (guitar, vocals) and Patrick Carney (drums) closed down the show with fans on their feet and fists in the air. Their raw, bluesy sound penetrated throughout the pit and crowds converging the throngs into a single singing, swaying concert unit.

Blue October


Becoming an Edgefest regular, the Houston, Texas -based band Blue October deserved much more than a limited 30 minute set on the second stage - and the tightly-packed pit screaming for more proves this. Vocalist Justin Furstenfeld, despite having some vocal trouble on the day of the concert, performed X Amount of Words, Hate Me, Into the Ocean, Say It and Dirt Room. A band with a unique sound and songs addressing such issues as alcoholism, drug abuse, and family and relationship problems, Blue October seems to reach out to fans in a personal way. Furstenfeld personally thanked Dallas for their enthusiasm, support and unwillingness to sensor the band's performances.

Cage the Elephant


One of the most impressive performances of the day, and perhaps the most energetic, the band called Cage the Elephant, a relative newcomer, but past-Edgefest performer, really knows how to rock. With girls on shoulders, and crowd surfers floating atop a pit undulating to the beat of Ain't no Rest for the Wicked, Shake Me Down and Aberdeen, this is what Edgefest is all about.



Being a long-time listener of the Edge, and fan of what they now tout as "old school" Edge music, the addition of Cake to the Edgefest 22 lineup was enticing to say the least. One of the decade-defining bands of 90s grunge music, The band has persevered throughout the past decade (or so) by putting out new music, and still retaining most of the uniqueness which makes them Cake. However, lead singer John McCrea, must have missed the memo that fans come to concerts to hear music. He spent quit a lot of time waxing (or wasting) poetic philosophies on negativism and other issues - not sure, because most of us got bored and went for funnel cakes and beer. A concert foul for a festival setup where bands are limited to a half hour of stage time. Still, Cake performed such fan-favorites as The Distance, Short Skirt/Long Jacket and Never There as well as some newer material from their 2011 album Showroom of Compassion.

Props to Arctic Monkeys, The Ting Tings, Neon Trees, Foxy Shazam and the other early performers. Great shows, all.

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