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Reilly Springs News for March 14, 2012

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The Reilly Springs Community is rejoicing in the nice rain that we received this past week, and all of the teachers and school children are enjoying spring break with the exception of the young athletes who are involved in softball and baseball who have continued to play this week.

The Yantis Owls traveled to Cumby on Tuesday and fell to the Cumby Trojans, but it was a wonderful day for baseball and some great spring weather.

Many in this community have taken advantage of the warm weather and been spied out working in their yards and gardens. Sounds like the entire week is going to be nice weather and a chance for everyone to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Have you got your garden planted yet? The weather forecasters aren't predicting much of a chance for frost, so possibly it's time to set out those tomato plants. Can you remember cutting the ends out of either large tomato juice cans or “Hawaiian Punch” cans and using them to protect the young and tender tomato and pepper plants? You had to watch carefully to keep from cutting yourself, but they offered great protection for the plants and were a frugal way to keep gardening on the right track in the springtime.

Joyce McDonald was in Rockwall on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment, and she and Judy Jones had plans to enjoy a day of shopping and eating out.

Word has been received of the death of Trent Meadors of Yantis. Mr. Meadors passed away early Tuesday morning, with funeral services pending at the present. Mr. Meadors was a regular with the “Yantis Lunch Bunch” and will be sorely missed. Watch for funeral arrangements as they become available. Sympathy is extended to his family.

Also, word was received that Carolyn Lucas of Sulphur Springs passed away on Monday night. Many knew Carolyn from her association with Hopkins County Memorial Hospital. Funeral services are pending for Carolyn with Sam B. Harvey Funeral Home in Mount Vernon. Sympathy is extended to her family and friends, as well.

I heard from the Fisher family this week, and Bryant and Marilee had returned on Tuesday following a meeting in Corpus Christi. They reported a very nice trip, with cloudy and overcast skies for most of the trip. Marilee indicated that she could get used to waking up on the beach but that she really wasn't fond of the sea gulls cawing at her window every morning. We all know how fond Marilee is of birds, so I imagine there are some gulls with their ears burning this week.

Meanwhile, Blake and Kendra ate at East Fork on Monday night, and Kendra indicated that she'd just swapped her school clothes for farm clothes, as she'd been busy helping Blake all week on the farm as she enjoyed spring break. “It's a change of pace, and I've enjoyed working with another round of baby goats,” said Kendra. “They're awfully cute when they're born, but somehow they grow up to be little pests.”

“We've certainly got plenty of goats to milk,” said Blake as he described the amount of goat’s milk they are getting every day. If you need some goat milk, give Blake or Kendra a call.

I hope everyone is enjoying this week’s weather. I heard a story this week about the way that Texas weather changes quickly. A couple of cowboys were riding out on the plains of West Texas, and it got so hot they decided to strip down and go swimming in a small river below a bluff. Just as they dived toward the water, a drought came along and dried up the river, and they were fearful of breaking their necks as they hit the bottom. However, before they landed a flood came along and rose the river to save them. As they were rejoicing their good fortune, a hard freeze came along and froze them as they came to the surface of the water, and they had to be chopped out of the ice by some other cowboys. If you don't like the weather, know that it will change rather quickly, if not quite that quick.

Vera Harrington reported a nice visit with the granddaughters in Waxahachie, where they are enjoying spring break this week. She advised that Caroline is delivering “Meals on Wheels” this week and that both Charlotte and Elizabeth have been accompanying her.

Mary Harrington Burns is already packing up some things in preparation for the move to Reilly Springs in June once school is out. Of course, Vera couldn't be happier. “I think mother would move me overnight if I'd let her,” Mary said. “But I keep telling her that we've got to wait until the girls finish school and Elizabeth graduates.”

“I don't know if I'm going to be able to corral both mother and the girls once I get moved,” added Mary. “I may have more trouble on my hands than I've bargained for.”

Meanwhile, both Mary and Vera were excited to see Gregg Price and his home featured on television this past week. They indicated they had watched the show and enjoyed hearing Gregg talking about many of the antiques that he's collected over the years.

Many in this community were involved in the UPRA Rodeo over the weekend. Several of the youths participated in the “Mutton Bustin'” contest, while others participated in queen's contests, and were actually involved in the rodeo events. Others were busy working in the concession stand, as they helped the local Genealogical Society operate it.

Remember the March edition of the Reilly Springs Jamboree that is scheduled for Saturday night. Enola Gay promises a great show and line-up of performers on stage for the evening. Make plans to come enjoy the show and support the concession stand, as the funds are used to improve the Reilly Springs Community Center. You'll enjoy some great musical entertainment and association with all your friends from Reilly Springs. The doors open at 5:30 and the show will begin at 7.

I heard from Sandi Wallace this week, and she reported enjoying spending some time with the grandboys as they enjoy spring break this week. She also was excited that the renovations on the south side of the square were continuing to progress. “Hopefully, we can resume business as usual, quickly,” said Sandi. “They're making real progress, and the rain last week didn't slow them down much. I want to thank the city crews for continuing to work diligently to get the construction complete.”

Speaking of rain, reports are that the Reilly Springs community received as much as 3 inches of rainfall, over the weekend. “I'm excited at the way the rain fell and the way the lakes and farm ponds are full,” said Vera Harrington. “I can't help but be fearful that we're going to have a long summer, and may need all the moisture we can get with the early warm weather we're receiving.”

The Genealogical Society will meet on Thursday night, when the program is to be Marynell Bryant explaining the 1940 Census. It will be a very informative program hosted at the Genealogical Library.

How many of you can remember enjoying what we called “Easter Break” back in the dark ages? It was those carefree days of sleeping late, maybe going to the creek camping and fishing, or possibly catching the horses and riding all day down the back roads of the community. Those were days long before anyone decided to go on snow skiing trips or out of town. We enjoyed spending the time in the neighborhood and treasured those memories of spending time with cousins and friends. Sometimes I think youths miss those special times with the hurried world we're engaged in today.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the nice spring weather and pleasant temperatures, and enjoy the wonderful rain we received. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and pray for their safety and return trip home, amidst a very volatile situation in Afghanistan. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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