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Reilly Springs News for March 7, 2012

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The Reilly Springs community has enjoyed some great spring weather the past week. Some nights have been cool, but the days has been perfect for getting out and working in the yard or garden and enjoying some sunshine. Some showers are in the forecast for the weekend.

“We've been busy mowing grass, and although it is tiring, that's a good thing,” Yvonne King said Tuesday night. “After last summer's drought, I'll never gripe about having grass to mow.”

Many in our community have marveled at how full their farm ponds and lakes are. “I know the larger lakes are still low, but my ponds and lakes are really full, as we've been blessed with several rains with runoff to fill them,” said Vera Harrington.

Vera was taking advantage of the spring weather to apply lime to her pastures today, in hopes of a productive summer hay season. “I knew the soil needed it after last summer's drought, and then my granddaughter, Caroline, did her science fair project this year on soil erosion and reminded me several times how important it was to keep the soil productive,” Vera said. “What would I do without granddaughters to remind me?”

Like many others in the community, Vera has been outside for the last week and advised that they were tackling the seemingly insurmountable task of removing dead trees, casualties of last summer's drought. “We've cut nine trees and have some 20 more to get cut,” advised Vera. “It's been disastrous on the trees, many of which have been here for 40 years or more.”

I heard from Marilee Fisher this week, and she has been on the road. She and Brenda Allen attended a birthday party in Cumby on Sunday. On Monday, Marilee and Debbie Wilkie traveled to Bowie to pick up Marilee's mother, Ethel Winton, who had been visiting for a few days with family and friends. They reported a nice trip and enjoying seeing relatives in that part of the state.

Bryant and Marilee are headed to Corpus Christi the latter part of this week as Bryant has a Dairy Farmers of America meeting, and Marilee decided to accompany him for an opportunity to get away from Northeast Texas. I'm certain they'll be enjoying some seafood on the Texas Coast. Maybe they'll take in Padre Island and party with those on spring break? On second thought, they'd be just like the rest of us and more likely to enjoy the opportunity to sleep late.

Kendra Fisher spent last weekend working her family's booth at Canton as Three Oaks Farms and took a number of ornamental plants to this month's Trades Days in anticipation of spring. Kendra reminds us that there are only two more school days until spring break. How many times have you heard that in the last few days?

I heard from the Striblings this week, and they're celebrating a big hog kill. Brayden Stribling got a hog on Sunday to enter in the Big Nasty Hog Hunt, his first-ever kill. However, his videographer, David Stribling, was “a little bit slow on the draw” and didn't manage to capture it on film. Such are the dangers of going hunting with poor help. Congratulations to Brayden, anyway, on a very successful hunting season.

I enjoyed reading a book last week that had been sent to me by the author, Avon Acker. Avon is a guy many of you may remember being reared in the Union and Reilly Springs community and has written “Vigilante Caretaker.” You're certain to enjoy the fictional book that reflects on life in a small community very similar to ours, and the many references that he makes to happenings during his youth in Southern Hopkins County. The book is a great read. You can obtain ordering information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sympathy is extended to the Leroy Dixon family on his passing this week. Leroy married our own Diana Carlisle from Reilly Springs and was a frequent visitor to this community. We extend our deep sympathy to Diane and her entire family.

Several in this community were also saddened to hear of the passing of Donnis Rushin, who attended Sulphur Springs High School and was reared in Hopkins County. Graveside services were today in Brashear Cemetery.

The Ira and Thelma Reed Owens children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren held a family reunion at the Reilly Springs Community Center on March 3 with 68 in attendance.

A barbecue lunch catered by Andy and Mary Lou Wright was enjoyed.

Entertainment was provided by Josh Davis and music by Bill Owens and Jordan Owens.

The fundraiser was a silent auction. Some of the family items were 60 to 100 years old. Lots of laughs and memories were shared about growing up during the 1930s and 1940s in Hopkins County.

Those attending were: Ray Owens; Larry and Beth Owens, Jason, Jenacee and Jaiden Owens; Kevin, Beth, Kaylee and Clair Owens; Coy Owens, Gary, Debbie and Josh Davis; Sue Owens (wife of Oscar Owens, deceased); Dean Owens and Lisa Gideon; Brandon, Leslie, Aikin and Abbie Owens.

Representing Alfred and Polly Owens (deceased) were Bill, Beverly, Samantha, Alley, Joney and Jordan Horne; Dale, Marci, Lauren, Chelbie and Jordan Owens; Jon, Joan Owens Stowater, Brandon, Kristen, Nala and Kiara.

Also, Arnold and Agnes Owens Ables; Rickey Ables, Connie Johnson; Gary and Julie Ables; Tim Ables; Chris and Jennie Ables; .Velma Owens (wife of Buford Owens, deceased); Mike and Donna Owens; Delvin and Bernice Owens Fitzgerald; Sherri McMahan; Justin, Cassidy and Cadence Cameron.

The oldest daughter, Pearl Owens Wood, 91 of Amarillo was unable to attend. She was represented by members of her family; Thelma Wood Price and Shelly Wilson of Gladstone, N.M.; Cecil and Lou Wood Dougherty of Happy, Texas; and Judy Wood Moore of Canyon, Texas.

Cousins who attended were Foster Altenbaumer, Rhonda Arnold and Laura Springer of Ashdown, Ark., Truman Altenbaumer and Trudy Forga of Texarkana, Texas; and Dorothy Reed Hinton and Billie Sue Pinson Reed of Sulphur Springs.

Yvonne King reminded everyone that the annual Rotary Spelling Bee is scheduled for tomorrow night, in the Sulphur Springs High School cafeteria. Make plans to come see who the top spellers in the county are and enjoy all the fun.

Until next week, enjoy the springtime, and pray that we escape any of the harsh weather that our neighbors in the center of the country have experienced. Pray for their well being, and render aid when you have the opportunity.

Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America. Have a happy spring break.




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