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Reilly Springs News for Feb. 29, 2012

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How did you spend your extra day in February? Here’s hoping it was a productive day and you accomplished a world of good.

Jadi Jones spent her day celebrating the first “real” birthday of her life, as she was born the last time we had a leap year. But she is quick to tell you that she's really 4 years old.

A huge crowd from our community was in Tyler, on Tuesday night, to watch the Yantis Owls in their Regional Quarterfinals bid against Cayuga. The Owls came up short, but played an outstanding game and are to be commended on a great season.

Another large crowd from this community was in Sulphur Springs last week for the 2012 junior market show and sale. Congratulations to all of the youths who participated this year. Among those with connections to this community, showing livestock was Jesse Williams, of the North Hopkins FFA Chapter. Jesse showed his goat and made the Sale of Champions. Congratulations to Jesse.

I also saw Kyle and Kody Koon at the junior market show, where they were showing their sons the animals. I had to laugh at Kyle as he tried to “corral” two or three little boys in the mass of people and animals. I told him that he deserved any amount of trouble that they gave him, because I could remember that he and Danny Lawrence were just that much trouble, and more, back when they were that age and I was attempting to corral them.

Danny Lawrence attended Saturday's Sale of Champions and was accompanied by Hallie. Hallie was certainly interested in all of the animals and will more than likely be showing chickens or a lamb before long. She certainly enjoyed looking at all of them and would have taken a couple or three home with her if they'd have let her. Hallie and I had a good time while Danny watched part of the sale.

Bryant Fisher helped with Saturday's Sale of Champions as a ring man. He also reported that they continue to have more and more baby goats being born. They were up to 45 on Saturday afternoon, assuming no more had been born while Bryant was at the sale.

Kendra and Blake Fisher, who have also been busy with the goats, attended the junior stock exhibit to see some of their family members showing. Braxton, Kendra's nephew, also came out to see the baby goats and enjoyed spending some time with Kendra. “I'm already counting the days until spring break,” Kendra said.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Howard Griggs, who passed away this week. He was well known in the Reilly Springs community and had many friends who lived here.

I had a nice visit with Mary Koon this week, and she reported that Brody continues to slowly improve. She related hearing from all of her family and that everyone was anticipating the arrival of a new great-grandson, who is due any day. Josh and Tanna Holland will be the parents.

I heard from Marilee Fisher, this week, and she's been busy shopping and attending choral concerts. She and Debbie Wilkie have made a couple of shopping trips, and she and Brenda Allen attended a performance at the Myerson to see Brenda's niece perform. She reported nice outings on all occasions.

Vera Harrington has been busy enjoying the nice weather and attempting to get some work done around the farm. She also made a trip to Waxahachie to visit with the granddaughters and reported that Charlotte and Caroline “just can't wait” to move to Reilly Springs this summer.

I saw Debbie Stribling and Rhandi Stribling Fails in Tyler at the Yantis basketball game Tuesday night. They had traveled to Paris last Thursday night to watch the Owls win the area championship, and had managed to eat at the Fish Fry with family and friends prior to the area game.

Brayden Stribling was a weekend visitor in Reilly Springs and managed to “get in a little bit of wild hog hunting.

David Stribling Jr. and Alexis Stribling and Garrett Womack came down for a visit in Reilly Springs last Saturday. Rhandi attended a baby shower for Chase and Alies Skaggs on Saturday.

Rhandi reported that Ol' David had taken advantage of the nice weather and declared Saturday and Sunday “clean-up day” on the farm and had everyone busy doing a little bit of spring cleaning.

Until next week, enjoy the nice spring weather and take advantage of being able to complete some tasks outside.  Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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