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Simon, American Idol Needs You

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Where is Simon when you need him most?

And American Idol certainly needed the critically-eared Brit last night when the top 13 guys took the Hollywood stage for the first time.

It was overall an unimpressive lot, though it was collectively their first time on live television. However, the judging trio of Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler gave all 13 performers six thumbs up.

They raved, gushed and admired the singers without any real judging going on at all. Since they won’t do it, we will.


Reed Grimm was the first up and he sang “Moves Like Jagger.” He didn’t. Nor did he sing like Jagger. He moves more like one of those herky-jerky air dolls in front of a car lot. His singing isn’t bad but the jazzy rendition of the song was more suited for 1957. I’m sure Branson would love him, American Idol – not so much.

Adam Brock was the first of six male contestants to sing female-recorded songs when he performed “Think” by Aretha Franklin. He said he has a big black woman inside him and calls himself “White Chocolate.” Always be wary of people who give themselves nicknames and swallow other people.

DeAndre Brackensick whipped his hair back and forth, then whipped his hair back and forth, then whipped his hair back and forth. Oh, he also warbled “Reasons” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Entirely in falsetto. Phillip Bailey, lead singer for EW&F, could do it and make it a classic. DeAndre did it and made it forgettable.

Colton Dixon knew what he was doing when he sang “Decode” by Paramour. It’s on the Twilight soundtrack so all the teeny girls will recognize it. Colton has a rocker’s voice and may make a deep run in the Idol competition. He made his song upbeat and current, something most of the other contestants didn’t do.

Jeremy Rosado is a nice guy. He sang “Gravity” by Sara Barielles nicely. I’m sure when he doesn’t advance past this round, he will be nice about it.

Aaron Marcellus actually was one of the better performers with “Never Can Say Goodbye” by the Jackson Five. But, since he was packed into the midst of a bunch of mediocre performers, we will see if he advances. He has a good voice but we may not hear it past this round.

Chase Likens was the obligatory country and western singer and performed “Storm Warning” by Hunter Hayes. I’m not sure if he was good or not, this is when I got up to go … actually, go do anything but listen to him sing.

Creighton Fraker sang “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. Creighton has a distinctive voice, but you know your song lacks punch when the audience applauds as you get off your stool, like it was the highlight of the performance.

Phillip Phillips, “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Colllins. Phillip is this year’s “make crazy faces, play guitar and move like you’re having a full body seizure” guy. He played all those parts to the hilt last night. There is always one of these guys and they always make it to the final 10.

Eben Frankewitz was the bomb when he performed “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. Bomb as in blew up … total distaster … no survivors. Eben surely won’t survive after that horrendous performance. His voice was as weak as a Lebron James fourth-quarter performance.

Heejun Han wasn’t great when he sang “Angels” but he certainly wasn’t bad. His surprisingly good voice, fun personality and Asian persuasion may help him make it to another round. But he won’t last too long in the competition.

Joshua Ledet, the crawfish-eating Louisiana native, had the night’s best performance with “You Pull Me Through” by Jennifer Hudson. AI always puts the guy they want to make it through in the final spot, so Ledet is a shoe-in.

Jermaine Jones was the 13th performer, the guy brought back from the dead. He may go right back. He sang “Dance with My Father” by Luther Vandross, and actually did it well, but you have to wonder how many Luther Vandross songs can he sing before he gets voted off? His bass voice lends itself to songs performed by Vandross and … um, well that’s it.

Five guys and five girls will make it through to the next round based on fan voting, plus there will be three wild cards decided by the judges. With that in mind, here are our predictions:

Who Should Go Through: Josh Ledet, Colton Dixon, Adam Brock, Phillip Phillips, Aaron Marcellus.

Who Will Go Through: Ledet, Dixon, Phillips, Han and Likens. Rosado could be a wildcard because the judges love his nice guy personality, and Fraker because they like his quirky singing style.


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