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Reilly Springs News for Feb. 8, 2012

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Some great weather has been enjoyed by everyone in Reilly Springs this week. Although it still remains a little bit cool, signs of springtime are everywhere. This is always my favorite time of the year, as the earth begins to renew and wake up from the winter. You can pass by all of the old homesteads in the community and see a beautiful display of daffodils planted during those golden years by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, who ordered the bulbs from a mail-order catalogue and established lasting tributes to home and hearth that have outlived them by generations.

Birthday greetings are in order for Sybil McDonald McClendon this week. She celebrated her 89th birthday on Monday. This year it was bittersweet, as she lost her twin sister, Sarah Boyd, back in the summer. Nonetheless, she enjoyed a celebration with her family and received a number of calls from friends and relatives. Happy birthday, Aunt Sybil.

Another birthday is being shared today. Jan McDonald Lawrence met that 50-year milestone. She’s about to catch up with Aunt Sybil. She laughed at Judy and me when we had our 50th birthdays and said she didn’t have anything to worry about because we’d be so old when she turned 50 that we probably wouldn’t have enough of our faculties intact to take note of her milestone. Well, I’m happy to say that I still have the mind to remember and man, she’s looking old. Happy 50th birthday, Jan.

Jan is planning a trip from Muleshoe to Hopkins County tomorrow. (Probably hoping to get a little bit of birthday cake, plus the youngest in the family always wants to get some more “spoiling.”) She plans to visit with family and friends and may be picking out her burial plot or somesuch while she’s in town.

I heard from Marilee Fisher this week, and Bryant is in Nashville until Saturday at a Dairy Farmers of America meeting. Marilee reported that she’d been at home attempting to live up to her New Year’s resolution of doing some house cleaning. “I’ve already decided the only way I’m going to get it done is to hire a maid,” lamented Marilee. “Seems like the longer I work on it, the harder it gets, and the more I seem to see that needs to be done.”

Meanwhile, on a much brighter note, Marilee had heard from J.R. and Vanessa in Washington State, and they are getting settled in and really enjoying the scenery and the country in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve had great weather, and J.R. is enjoying seeing all of the dairy cattle and herds that he is visiting.

Sympathy is extended to the Teddy Fisher family on his passing on Monday morning. It was a surprise to everyone and Teddy is someone that was reared in this part of the county, rode the school bus with all of us and was an integral part of growing up in Reilly Springs and the surrounding area. Teddy will be sorely missed by everyone as we share in the loss with the family. Services are set for Friday at 3 p.m. at West Oaks Funeral Home Chapel, with visitation planned for Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. Burial in Yantis Cemetery will follow Friday’s services.

The later part of last week we lost another longtime member of this area, as Mr. Lester Coker passed away. Lester, at almost 101 years of age, had led a bountiful life. He was still going to the area dances as late as last November and drove to see his family during the Christmas season. Most all of us will remember Lester for his great watermelons and sweet potatoes that all of us enjoyed. Funeral services were last Friday, with burial in Yantis Cemetery.

I visited with Sandi Wallace and Heather Salvarino on Saturday, and they reported that they are celebrating their first anniversary of the Plain and Fancy Sandwich Shoppe in Commerce next week. They invited everyone over to enjoy cake and some promotional giveaways on Wednesday, Feb. 15. If you’re in the Commerce area, drop by and celebrate with them.

Sandi reported that JoAnn Wallace continues to recuperate from her recent foot sugery and had some doctor’s appointments scheduled for this week to monitor her progress. Remember JoAnn as she is confined to her home and give her a call.

While we’re speaking of blessings, I received word that little Jace Glenn is doing better following emergency surgery Monday night. Continue to pray for this family and also continue to pray for the Micah Reed family as he battles illness. Micah received a visit from some members of the Dallas Cowboys this week at the hospital, boosting his spirits some as he continues his fight with leukemia. Yard signs and other items are still available for purchase to support Micah in his recuperation efforts.

Many in our community are working diligently with their animal projects for the Northeast Texas Livestock Assocation’s junior market show scheduled for February 23-25. Feeding routines, exercise regimens and last-minute preparations are in full swing as youth get ready for the the final push before the show.

I haven’t heard from Vera Harrington this week, so that probably means she is visiting the daughters and granddaughters in Waxahachie. She told me the other day that Mary and the girls were going to have to hurry and move to Reilly Springs or she was going to wear out a car going back and forth.

Vera recently said she and her brother, Bobby Price, have been attending several functions together. “When we get together, we tend to act like Miss Gladys Price,” said Vera. Those of you who remember Miss Gladys know that you might expect almost anything from Vera and Bobby if that be the case. World beware.

Until next week, continue to enjoy the awakening of the earth and the daffodils that seem to be springing up everywhere. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and a safe return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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