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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS for Dec. 21, 2011

REILLY SPRINGS NEWS for Dec. 21, 2011

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Reilly Springs this week with kids out of school, Christmas light displays on lawns, and many of the children and grandchildren of residents making their way back home.

A large crowd of family and friends hosted a Christmas shower on Saturday for Jacy Lawrence, bride-elect of Colton Heinrich, and they now have her all outfitted for next year's Christmas season. She and Colton will be wed in July of 2012.

Jan and Jacy Lawrence, Abby, Kobi, and Reagan Kirby, along with Jacy's friend, Hilary, were guests with several members of the family throughout the weekend. They returned home on Tuesday after they were apprised that the weather conditions in their part of the Texas Panhandle were not as severe as expected. They had first been fearful that the blizzard conditions would prevent them from returning home. However, not as much snow fell in the Muleshoe area, and they were able to return.

I heard from Rhandi Stribling Fails, this week, and she allowed that Case is counting the minutes and hours until "Santa Claus will come." He's assuring everyone "that he's been good."

On Saturday night Case had his picture made with Santa Claus in Yantis. Santa had to bribe him with a cookie to get the shot.

On Sunday night, Marcille Graham and Jordan Davis joined Case and Rhandi at the North Pole of Texas, and then the group had dinner at Foster's Place. On Tuesday night, Alexis Stribling and Rhandi joined Jordan Davis, Mitchell Walker, Shelby Sutton and Mandi Walker Berger at the movies. Mandi is here from California visiting for the holidays and celebrated her birthday yesterday. Happy birthday, Mandi.

I heard from Vera Harrington this week, and she's anticipating spending the holidays with her daughters and granddaughters. "I've been busy trying to catch up on cleaning out 60 years of accumulationa," Vera said. "And you can only imagine what all has accumulated around here, during that time."

Vera also advised that she'd visited with Gregg Price who is recuperating well, and that they were excited that Natalie's husband had received his law degree this past week. Congratulations to all.

I also received a note this week in response to the old Hi-Vue Drive-In remarks that I made last week. Betty Burnett from Yantis told me that she could remember her and James dating and going to the drive-in, back in the early 1950s, but she couldn't remember them giving you "gas money" when the temperature fell below 45 degrees, so that you could run the heater. "A lot of water has run under the bridge since then," allowed Betty. "So, it could have happened and me just not remember it."

Does anyone else remember this happening? I found the information in a December 1950 newspaper, and it could have possibly been a Christmas promotion that was only extended for a short period of time. If you have any information, let us know.

Betty allowed that she and James married in November 1950 and continued to go to the theater, even after they married. They were married for over 60 years, before James passed away, this past June. This is extending blessings to Betty during the holiday season, as she deals with her loss, praying that she will be able to focus on the many, many wonderful memories.

I heard from Bryant and Marilee Fisher this week, and they had spent two days in Grapevine at the DFA Southwest Council Meeting. They enjoyed visiting with friends from all across the Southern U.S., who join them in directing the work of Dairy Farmers of America.

Marilee also reported enjoying attending a wedding in Corsicana over the weekend as she and her mother made the trip. They met J.R. and Vanessa at the wedding and enjoyed lunch with them. Marilee said that J.R. and Vanessa may not get to come in for Christmas, because of a number of work conflicts, so that made the meeting with them that much more special.

Marilee was also looking forward to a visit with Dennis Winton and his family, who have plans to spend some time in Hopkins County, during the holidays.

Brenda Allen of Yantis joined Marilee for a trip to SantaLand as they took Brenda's grandchildren. They reported a great time and an outstanding lighting display, in that area.

Happy 35th wedding anniversary to Bryant and Marilee ... how on earth have they "put up with each other" that long? Congratulations.

A number of residents from this community, the Greenpond community, and the Como and Pickton communities joined together on Tuesday night for a prayer vigil for Donna Williams and her family from the neighboring Greenpond community. Donna continues to struggle following her kidney and pancreas transplant last week, in Florida. She had emergency surgery yesterday, and everyone received word that she had done well through the surgery at last night's prayer session. Please remember this family in your thoughts and constant prayers for healing.

I had a nice telephone visit, this week with Christene Jennings, who called to wish me a "Merry Christmas" and to relate some family information. It's always great to visit with her and I always learn something more about my family's history, when I visit with her.

I had the pleasure of watching five of my great-nieces on Monday night as they circled the Christmas tree and were anticipating Christmas coming. It's amazing how excited they can get and just how "wrapped up" in all of the activities they can be . One of them informed me that she thought that “Santa Claus came even if you were bad."

Meanwhile, another one was fearful that if she "stepped out" Santa wouldn't be making the trip.

And, another one was telling her little cousin to "take the ornament off the tree" and the minute that it was in her hand, she was yelling at the top of her lungs that she was "wrecking the Christmas tree." Isn't it amazing how the holidays "bring out the best in all of us?"

A number from this community will be traveling, through the holidays, and this is asking for all of them a safe trip and return.

There will not be a column from me next week, as I celebrate the holidays.





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