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Reilly Springs News for Dec. 7, 2011

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The Reilly Springs community is rejoicing this week over approximately 4 inches of rainfall over the weekend, the most rain we've seen at one time in a month of Sundays.

“It was certainly appreciated, and every drop will be used.” Vera Harrington said Monday as she discussed what her rain gauge showed. “I'd about forgotten what that much rain looked like, and it fell just right, slow and soaking.”

Residents of Reilly Springs weren't even complaining about the cold on Wednesday morning after the good rains and a start to some relief from the drought.

“I had ice on my water trough, so it was below freezing for a little while, anyway,” said Bryant Fisher.

Most of the folks in Reilly Springs are working toward getting Christmas shopping done and making plans to spend the holiday with family and friends.  Rhandi Stribling Fails said Debra Stribling and Joyce Gilbreath were in town on Saturday working on their Christmas shopping duties but had time to enjoy lunch.

On Saturday evening, Rhandi attended the Bank Texas Christmas Party at Hideway Lake as a guest of Baylee Gilbreath.

The word is that many of the youths around Reilly Springs continue to be threatened with the old adage, “You better be nice, or I'm going to tell Santa Claus.” I saw it in action on Friday night with Jadi and Anndi as they attended a birthday celebration for Joyce McDonald. Seems like every time the poor kids turned around they were met with the threat from every direction.

Joyce McDonald had a great birthday, as she was treated to dinner out two nights in a row. On Thursday night it was with the group at Juan Pablos, and on Friday night at Terra del Sol, so she should be full of Mexican food for a while.

Jan Lawrence and her friend, Rhonda, from Muleshoe were in Hopkins County Wednesday through Friday as they “did their damage” at Canton Trades Days. They left early Friday morning and were accompanied back to Muleshoe by Hallie Lawrence, who stayed with “Grumpy and Mimi” while her parents traveled to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas over the weekend and this week.

You might have recognized Jandi Lawrence and Shannon Lawrence at the Country Music Awards on Monday night. They met and had their picture taken with Carrie Underwood on the “Red Carpet.” It was icing on the cake for the trip to Las Vegas to the awards and the NFR.

Jana DeWitt was in Muleshoe keeping Landri and Sam while Michael and Jandi were in Vegas. Reports are that the weather out there was much colder than here in Hopkins County, with a 4-degree reading and about three inches of snow.

Marilee Fisher and Debra Stribling managed to sneak away from their duties and shop for a few hours in Mineola this past week. They reported a great trip and a wonderful chance to get away.

The entire Fisher family continues to be busy processing the many deer that people are bringing their way. “It continues to amaze me just how many deer have been killed this year,” Blake Fisher said this week. “They keep coming, and we've made some wonderful sausage, backstrap and other cuts of meat.”

You just never know when someone with Hopkins County roots will show up on television. Marilee advised that former Hopkins County resident Willard Hill and his family were featured this past week on “Trick My Tractor” on RFD T.V. It seems that someone informed John Schneider and his crew that Willard's Case Tractor was “broke down” and needed on his pig farm in Cokeville between Farmersville and McKinney. The episode was filmed earlier in the year and aired this past week. Willard's daughter is active in 4-H and showing pigs, so they outfitted the tractor in “4-H Green” and equipped it with a DVD player and a number of other amenities so that the daughter could teach her 4-H projects using the tractor. Word is that Willard's aunt, Wendy Gouge, managed to get John Schneider's autograph on a “Dukes of Hazzard” lunchbox.

Sympathy is extended to the Wallace family this week in the death of Justin Pawlik. Justin is the son of Julie Wallace Bailey and the grandson of Robert Earl Wallace. He was killed in Sulphur Springs on Tuesday night. Services are pending with Murray-Orwosky Funeral Home.

This past week, I was remembering some of the Christmases, when I was a child and continued to think of a number of people from the Reilly Springs area that are no longer with us — Tice Gammill,  Modie Dunham, Rudy and Gladys Nichols, Jess and Billy Douglas, “Orb” Funderburk, Si Reppond, Marrion Reppond, Lawrence and Mr. Charlie Douglas, “Uncle Bill” Douglas, Odie Wallace, Jim Sartin, Henry Sartin, Uncle Jim McDonald, Allen and Morris Gammill, Johnny Williams, Joe Shelton, Herman Pryor, Audie West, Finis Attlessey and a host of others who led colorful lives and made the Christmas season memorable. Many of these men would come to the store with stories about their childhoods and growing up in the area, and tell of the things that had happened at strategic places around the communities. They provided an oral history of the happenings south of town and the many people that helped form this section of the county, truly a great wealth of information.

“I can remember Henry Sartin,” Vera Harrington said this week. “You could hear him coming and if you didn't, he would yell so loud you soon knew he had arrived. He had all the latest mail and news about what was happening up and down the road and what had happened in Sulphur Springs. He was not only our mailman but our daily source of news.

“I guess you could say that Henry was our community computer before the computer was invented,” Vera added. “He knew everything that was happening.”

Firemen were called to the junction of Hopkins County Road 1445 and 1440 on Wednesday morning for a house fire. At press time, none of the details were known about what started the fire.




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