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Julia Child charms with ‘My Life in France’

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After seeing the award-winning movie, “Julie & Julia,” based on a young housewife’s attempt to cook her way through Julia Child’s (1912-2004) groundbreaking “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” (1963), I wanted to know more about Ms. Child’s early life in France.

The autobiography, which was originally published in 2006, was compiled with the help of her husband’s grand-nephew, Alex Prudhomme, who completed it after her death in 2004.

In the book, Ms. Child recounts tales of the time she and her husband, Paul, who worked for the U.S. Information Service, spent from 1948 and 1954, when she fell in love with all things French, including their restaurants, food and, most importantly, their kitchens.

We learn of her frustrations with Madame Brassart, owner of Ecole du Cordon Bleu, who snubbed the young, enthusiastic American who, standing at over six feet, towered over all the men in the school’s prestigious, but ill-equipped kitchen.

The book really takes off when Ms. Child discovers the joy of preparing French food and embarks on a project with two other women to teach French cooking techniques to other Americans in Paris and to create a French cookbook for American housewives.

Ms. Child is as charming on paper as she was all those years on PBS’s “The French Chef.”

Bon appetit!




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