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Best Repeat Characters

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The Seinfeld series was unique when it came to interweaving characters into scripts for seasons at a time without interrupting the focus between the four main characters. We earlier listed the top 10 One Episode Wonders, now we'll list the top 10 Repeat Characters. These are the characters who were in more than one or two episodes.

Note: We did not include family members of the characters (Jerry's parents, Uncle Leo and the Costanzas).

Top 10 Repeat Characters

1. Newman. The U.S. Postal worker who took over the route of the Son of Sam. He believes in birthday wishes, pines for a route in Hawaii and despises Jerry for his "funny boy" lifestyle

2. David Puddy. Elaine's dim-witted mechanic boyfriend who stares a lot, listens to Christian music in his car, likes to high-five and wears fur coats.

3. Jackie Chiles. Kramer's lawyer who has a Johnnie Cochran-like ability to turn a phrase, i.e. "Your face is my case."

4. J. Peterman. Played by John O'Hurley, the clothing catalogue magnet weaves long tales of scouring the wilderness in search of garments and material. He goes mad and ventures off to Myanmar ("It will always be Burma to me.")

5. Mickey Abbott. Kramer's "little person" friend who has been married five times and wants to be an actor.

6. Sue Ellen Mischke. The tall, no-bra-wearing Oh Henry heiress who is Elaine's nemesis  and in one episode calls off her wedding in India after finding out Elaine slept with the groom.

7. Jack Klompus. Morty Seinfeld's mixture of friend and nemesis who lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He buys, sells and wrecks Morty's Cadillac and has a pen that writes upside down.

8. Mr. Kruger. George's do-nothing boss who likes to spin in his chair and give employees nicknames.

9. Bob and Cedric. The mixed-race, gay pair who steal Elaine's arnoire and beat up Kramer for not wearing a red ribbon during an AIDS walk.

10. Mr. Pitt. Elaine's rich boss who wears over-the-calf tube socks and eats his Snickers bar with a knife and fork.

Honorable Mention: Mr. Lippman, Crazy Joe Davola, the Rabbi, the Maestro, Tim Whatley.


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