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Reilly Springs News

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People in the Reilly Springs community are enjoying the cooler temperatures this week but continue to pray for some much-needed rainfall to replenish our lakes, creeks, and farm ponds as well as pastures and lawns.

"It's too late to expect anything from grazing in the pastures," advised Vera Harrington this week. "But the grass needs some moisture to survive the winter. I'm fearful that many of us will loose much of our grasses if we get a hard freeze without any more moisture.

"It's been a tough year," Vera added. "All you have to do is look at all the trees that are dying, and many of them are older trees that have been here for generations."

As Vera and I visited, she related that everyone had been asking her what it was like to be retired.

"I really haven't slowed down," advised Vera. "I still have 11 baby calves on the bottle and all the heifers to tend, so that's keeping me busy. I'm certain retirement will hit me full force when I don't receive that first milk check."

Vera did manage to work in a nice visit from Mary and the granddaughters over the weekend, and they took time to travel to Paris.

"We were shopping for horse tack, so you know we were shopping for Caroline, who lives and breathes horses,” Vera explained. “She can't wait to move down here and cover up my place with horses.

"I want to thank all the well-wishers who have stopped by and wished me happiness on my retirement," said Vera. "It's great to have wonderful friends and neighbors and to be able to enjoy them. That's what is so nice about living in Hopkins County."

Bryant Fisher celebrated his birthday on Monday, along with the ghosts and goblins of Halloween. If I'm not mistaken, he was born in 1949. You do the math. The guy is getting old.

I saw a 1968 Road Runner on the square at the car show on Saturday, and Andy Crouch and I were discussing that Bryant had one that was "school bus yellow" and "painted the town" pretty regular. But his "paint brush" don't move quite as fast as it once did, I don't think. Either that or the paint's gotten thicker, or something?

Word around the community is that when he woke up Monday morning Bryant had been "flamingoed" by somebody. Isn't it nice to have thoughtful neighbors?

Meanwhile, Marilee has been busy traveling with friends. She attended "girl's day out" on Tuesday and visited with several of her high school friends, who are all planning a get-together on Nov. 12. On Thursday night, she and Brenda Allen accompanied Brenda's granddaughters, Tessa and Autumn, to the Rock Creek Halloween Carnival. (You noticed they chose the Nursing Home Halloween Party instead of one at a school. Don't let them kid you — they're getting old, too.).

Last Friday, Marilee and Brenda said they felt like going to Lindale and Alba shopping, but I think they got a late start after partying Thursday night.

J.R. and Vanessa Fisher had been in contact this week. Everything is going great in Lingleville, and they haven't killed any more rattlesnakes.

Blake and Kendra are busy processing deer and hogs and continue to marvel at how many are being killed despite the drought. "Maybe this is what we needed to thin out the hog population," Blake said. "Something needed to slow them down, and maybe the dry weather has them out,where hunters can kill them."

I heard from the kinfolks in the Texas Panhandle this week. They were still shocked over receiving a late October snow storm last week, but it melted in plenty of time for Landri and Sam to be "Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf" for Halloween. All the pictures were cute. Of course, I might be a little bit prejudiced.

The Sulphur Springs Wildcats, the Como-Pickton Eagles and the Cumby Trojans will all be conducting Senior Night at their football games this Friday night. Come out and encourage them as they wind down four years of high school and look forward to graduation in the spring.

Enola Gay wants to remind everyone of the Reilly Springs Jamboree that she has planned for Nov. 19. Themed "God and Country," the show promises to be another great show and full of entertainment, with several new people appearing on the stage.

I ate lunch with Kenni Jo Wallace Thursday. He was working on the Reilly Springs Community Center doing some needed repairs. "Just like any older building, the center needs updating and things replaced routinely," said Kenni Jo. "But we don't want to let it deteriorate with so much history represented in the community building."

Kenni Jo and the board ask that everyone support the Jamboree events and make plans to visit the concession stand, as the profits from the concession stand are the way the repairs to the building are paid for. Additionally, Kenni Jo wanted to remind everyone that the community center is available for rent for family reunions, community events, showers and parties. Support the community center when you can.

I was looking back at some material from last year, and we had a "killing frost" on November 6, so we're all likely to wake-up one morning and everything be covered in frost, very soon. The holiday season is upon us.

Many from this community are cleaning their guns and making plans for the opening of deer season and the duck hunters are all scoping out their habitats, despite the drought.

Also, let me remind you that you get an "extra" hour of sleep on Saturday night. If you don't set your clock back, you'll show up an hour early for church on Sunday morning. Daylight Savings time ends Sunday morning at 2 a.m. Now, who was the person that figured out the 2 a.m. time for it to change?

I had a nice visit with Roger and Jean Arnold, who make their home in Commerce. They were in Sulphur Springs shopping and visiting. Jean advised that she'd tried to call Sybil McClendon several times but missed her, and was asking about her. I advised that she'd probably just been outside, looking for pecans, as I'd failed to catch her a couple of times, too.

Take time to pause and reflect on the many blessings that we enjoy, and be thankful for the joys we share. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land.




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