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Memorable Seinfeld Characters

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The other day while watching a Seinfeld re-run in which Jerry forgot to turn in a  library book 20 years ago, it occured to me that Mr. Bookman was one of the great "one episode wonders" of the comedy series. So, in that respect, here are the top 10 One Episode Wonders of Seinfeld (some characters had a brief appearance in a second episode).

Check back in a few days and we'll have the 10 best reoccuring characters along with Kramer's top 10 wacky ideas.

One Episode Wonders

1. The Soup Nazi. Based on a real-life NYC chef, the Soup Nazi's "No soup for you!" ultimatum is still a catch-phrase mainstay.

2. Mr. Bookman. The private investigator wanna-be rules the New York City library's investigations division with a iron thumb, and calls Seinfeld "funny boy," "junior" and "joy boy."

3. The Mohel. The gang goes to the bris of a baby of close friends, where they encounter a fidgety mohel who circumsizes Jerry's finger.

4. Babu Bhatt. A Pakistani restaurant owner who Jerry runs out of business and eventually helps get deported. Babu wagged his finger at Jerry and called him a "very, very bad man."

5. Izzy Mandelbaum. An 80-year-old fitness nut whose pet phrase is "It's go time," and whose family owns the Magic Pan restaurant.

6. Jimmy. A basketball-playing guy who refers to himself in the third person.

7. Sidra. A memorable role played by future Desperate Housewife Teri Hatcher. Her breasts were the subject of much discussion before she reveals "They're real, and they're spectacular."

8. Kevin, Gene and Feldman. The bizarro Jerry, George and Kramer whom Elaine befriends.

9. Gary. Played by Jon Lovitz, a loser who pretends to have cancer to get sympathy as well as a toupe from Jerry. It's later revealed that Gary is hit by a bus.

10. Tony. Elaine's "cool" boyfriend who gets injured while rock climbing with George and Kramer, prompting Tony to tell George to "Step off."

Honorable Mention: The Chinese restaurant maitre d';The Wiz; Babs Kramer (Cosmo's mother); Melissa (Jerry's girlfriend who is comfortable in the nude); Sophie (Jerry's girlfriend who believes she contracted gonorrhea by sitting on a tractor seat; and Toby the Clown.


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written by Cindy Roller , January 24, 2009
How did you know this is one of our favorite shows? smilies/wink.gif Santa even brought us the Scene It Seinfeld DVD game (although I was somewhat dissappointed in it--not fun for small groups but watching the famous show clips is fun)

One of our favorite recurring family member characters are Jerry's and George's parents and Jerry's uncle. And of being sports oriented, the other George--Steinbrenner (to who's face the viewers never actually see only his voice). And not be left out, Elaine’s boss, Mr. Peterman. He really lives in his own little world. And the ultimate, NEWMAN, Jerry and Kramer’s neighbor and postman. And bless her soul, Susan. The girlfriend George manages to be rid of with his killer wedding invitation envelops.

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