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It’s been another week of drought in the Reilly Springs Community. “I certainly appreciate the nice cool mornings, but we continue to be plagued with no rain,” expressed Vera Harrington, this week. “There hasn’t been enough rain to even ‘sprout’ winter pasture seed, and it just seems that it has forgotten how to rain.”

However, Vera forgot all about the drought when she heard of the gas explosion in Waxahachie on Monday. She quickly called Mary and found out that everyone was safe and that the wind was blowing away from Mary’s home and the girls’ schools. None of the granddaughters’ schools were evacuated due to the explosion.

“It’s all the more reason that they need to be moving down here in the country,” expressed Vera. “And, I’ve about got them convinced to move, when school is out in the spring. We’ve got plenty of room for Caroline’s horses and plenty of room for Charlotte to have her goats. Who knows? Maybe they’ll convince this ol’ grandma to start milking goats. Stranger things have happened.”

Jan Lawrence was back in Hopkins County this week, accompanied by two of her friends from Muleshoe. They stayed at Lake Quitman and “did lots of damage” at Canton Trades Days. They met Joyce McDonald and Judy Jones for lunch on Saturday at Plain ‘N’ Fancy Sandwich Shoppe, before making the drive back to West Texas.

And, speaking of goats, Bryant Fisher reports that demand for goat milk is still good, as many artisan cheese-makers are purchasing the milk to make specialty cheeses. Who knows, you may be eating Fisher Farms Goat Cheese and not even know it.

Marilee Fisher, Ethel Winton and Ima Asher returned on Friday night, from their trip to Bermuda and reported an outstanding adventure. The cruise took them to Heritage Wharf, where they docked and took a ferry ride to Hamilton and St. George.

“Bermuda is absolutely beautiful!” exclaimed Marilee. “Pink sand on the beaches and all of the houses are stucco and painted beautiful colors. And, everything was so neat and clean. It was a photographer’s dream.”

However, while shopping in Bermuda, Marilee discovered inflationary prices: a 10 pound bag of ice was $12.95, Bell peppers were $4.99 each and she noticed a Duncan Hines Cake mix for $4.25.

“I couldn’t live there very long,” lamented Marilee. “And, there sure was a huge pile of laundry waiting for me, when I got home! Somehow it didn’t ‘do itself’ while I was gone, so I spent all weekend doing laundry.”

Marilee also reported that J.R. and Vanessa Fisher have made a move to Lingleville in Central Texas, where J.R. has accepted a job as a dairy manager.

And, Bryant and Blake are busy processing deer, that are coming in from bow season.

Mark you calendars for Oct. 15, if you haven’t already got them marked. That’s the night of the 55th anniversary of Reilly Springs Jamboree, planned by Enola Gay. Enola advised this week that she has been in contact with a number of the people who appeared on the original shows back in the 1950s and 1960s who plan to make an appearance for the anniversary show.

Enola also has a cake walk planned for that night, and a number of entertainers to help celebrate the occasion.

“It will truly be a ‘trip down memory lane’ for those who have attended the show,” advised Enola. “It’s going to be a great night of fun to mark this historic anniversary.”

Several from this community were in attendance at Saturday’s Dutch Oven Cooking Contest and Indian Summer Days at Heritage Park and had a great time.

“This is some of the best cooking around,” declared one in attendance. “I ate a piece of chocolate cake that was out of this world!”

Saturday was a great day of fun at Heritage Park with music, Indian dancing, crafts, antique tractors and cars, and other activities.

I traveled to Delta County early Saturday morning and enjoyed attending the annual “Salty Dog Squirrel Hunt” with a number of friends. Spending a beautiful, cool autumn morning in the woods and enjoying a campfire breakfast was wonderful. The squirrel stew was a “little bit light” on squirrel meat, this year, because of the drought.

“Or, at least that’s what we’re going to tell rather than poor marksmanship,” expressed Eddie Trapp.

Thanks to Eddie Trapp and Ronny Glossup for the invitation to spend some time in the woods, and I got some great pictures of squirrels.

Bow hunters are in the woods, hunting for that “big buck” and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you need to ask Kyle Koon about his “record” buck. He killed a “monster” on opening day of bow season. Congratulations to Kyle and his videographer, Danny Lawrence.

Rhandi Stribling Fails reported that she, Debra and Case joined Becky and Braden Stribling for dinner on Friday night at Juan Pablos, then went to the Wildcat game. Case really enjoyed seeing the Wildcat 21-14 victory over Sherman.

Meanwhile, I attended the Cumby homecoming activities on Friday night. We didn’t witness a win in Cumby, but the weather certainly was nice and congratulations are in order to Brandon Heer and Valerie Patridge on being named 2011 Cumby Homecoming King and Queen.

Sunday afternoon found many from this community and all across Hopkins County at the 2nd Annual Hopkins County Genealogical Society Cemetery Walk in Sulphur Springs City Cemetery. The event shared some great weather and was an outstanding historical presentation on some of the early founders of Sulphur Springs and Hopkins County. Eight re-enactors presented historical accounts of early residents from U.S. congressmen to an early Union soldier who decided to stay in Hopkins County after Reconstruction. We learned about a Sulphur Springs resident who wrote a couple of historical books, but “went off the deep end” and found himself in Terrell State Hospital with mental illness. We also learned about the founders of the Catholic Church, the first woman to be a bank director in Hopkins County and how there was an early feud between two men who wanted to be “The Father of Sulphur Springs.”

Congratulations, to the Genealogical Society and to all of the re-enactors who did an outstanding job.

Folks, the month of October is “rolling along,” and I noticed this week that despite the drought conditions “spider lilies” are appearing everywhere. These are beautiful red flowers that appear in yards and add to the beauty of autumn. I had wondered if it was too dry for their appearance, but it seems they’ve arrived despite the dry weather.

Until next week, count your many blessings and enjoy the autumn weather as you pray for rain. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms, ask for them an extra measure of safety and return trip home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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