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Ad Requirements

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Advertisers must adhere to the following list of supported formats and programs to ensure your advertisment appears as it should, and no extra conversion charges are incurred. Files may be sent on disk, email, web upload or FTP. Please contact your sales representitive or our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information. Please note that The News-Telegram is constructed on Apple Macintosh computers -- the PC formats noted are the only ones supported.

  • Media: Iomega ZIP disk - Mac & PC; 3.5" floppy diskette - Mac & PC; DVD, CD, CD-R and CD-RW - Mac & PC, most forms of flash memeory.
  • Software programs (Mac & PC): QuarkXPress versions 3.32 to 5; Adobe Illustrator versions 6.0 to 10; Adobe Photoshop versions 3.0 to CS; Adobe PageMaker 7, Adobe InDesign 2, Freehand 10, Illustrator 10. Please, do not send advertisements created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher or Word Perfect ( we will have to reset it). If text information must be sent, simply copy it from your word processor into an e-mail message. Plain text is always simplest.
  • Fonts: Due to the requirements of digitally processing the newspaper, only Postscript fonts can be used. Bitmap fonts are not supported in most programs and TrueType fonts (PC) cannot be used at all. Fonts not received as Postscript fonts will be matched and substituted for same at publisher's discretion. Contact us if you have a question concerning font usage.
  • Images and "Camera-Ready" formats: All image files must be submitted as either PDF, Jpeg (.jpg), Tiff (.tif) or EPS (.eps) files. Color images must be converted to or saved as CMYK and have a resolution of no lower than 300 dpi. Web graphics and RGB files cannot be used in print media. Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand files must be submitted as EPS files accompanied with the supporting Postscript fonts (you may convert all text to paths (shapes) to omit font-dependancy), or send the file as a PDF.
  • Submission: All digital media to be e-mailed or transferred via file transfer protocol (ftp) must be compressed into either a Mac-compatible self-extracting archive file such as a .sea, .sit. or .hqx, or within a .zip file (PC). Please contact your local sales representitive on who to send electronic files to. It is recomended that disks be labeled with the software programs and version as well as the name of the submitting party and the ad the disk contains.



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