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There's something good here . . .

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There’s something good here . . .

One of the reasons I started writing this column years ago was to highlight the good news in our lives. One of the forum members from www.mySSnews by the name of cduff posted the following story recently. I received permission to share it as it appeared in the forum (with some editing):

To the sweet lady (white Camry) that stopped on Camp Street and helped me pick up all of my trash, that someone’s dogs had scattered all over my street this morning: That was a total and shocking display of kindness, especially on the kind of morning that I was having.

You took me by surprise.

I was already running late. Thank you so very, very much.  You are an awesome person. You didn't have to help and at least three other cars drove right on by.

I'm sure they were saying, "Gosh, I hate when that happens!"

Not you, though. You get all the thumbs up I can give!

Of course, it actually brought tears to my eyes that morning, as I had been having a couple of pretty rough weeks prior to that. One thing after another, it seemed.

Upon walking out that morning and seeing the trash everywhere, I was like, "Really? What else?"

Cars were driving over the trash as I was picking it up.

She pulled over and I thought what is she doing? I'm certain I told her thank you more than once and told her that she didn't have to help (as the trash was gross), but she insisted.

I failed to get her name and have no clue who she was, but I would really like her to know that it really touched me and renewed my belief that good people do still exist and not everyone looks at things like 'what's in it for me?' I was in shock/awe most of the day, and wish I had gotten her name that morning, but in the rush I had failed to do so.

She was an angel. I'm pretty sure of it.

The car was very clean and pristine white you know. Before she pulled away, I did notice the Toyota emblem though. LOL. S She has no idea what it meant to me. My friends on FB thought it was great as well. Whoever she was, she reminded me to pay it forward the next chance I get! Big hugs angel in the white Camry!

Dramatic, I know, but it brought me out of my negative thinking.


There’s something good here . . .

One of the things that impresses me about the teachers I come in contact with in SSISD is how proud they are of their students’ accomplishments.

Yesterday, I received a call from Charles McCauley, fine arts director at SSHS. He was about to bust his buttons. Two of his former students had earned second and first chairs in the top bands at their respective colleges.

Yet, when I congratulated him, he demurred, saying, “Well, I don’t know how much I really had to do with it. They’re just great kids.”

McCauley’s genuine happiness for his “kids” is just one of the reasons the music department has enjoyed so much success.


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