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Home News-Telegram Community News Reilly Springs News REILLY SPRINGS NEWS Sept. 21, 2011


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Folks in the Reilly Springs community have basked in some wonderful autumn weather this week and were more than thankful for the rain that they received Sunday night during a spectacular lightning show. Some reported some limbs and tops of trees blown down but no major storm damage.

Vera Harrington was beaming after some rain and a visit from her granddaughters over the weekend. The girls arrived on Saturday, and Caroline had Vera take her to Paris to purchase some equipment for her horse, “Patriot.”

“I got 4/10ths of an inch of rain and a visit from the girls," exclaimed Vera. “Isn’t it amazing how little it takes to make someone happy?”

Vera also reported that Caroline has made the tennis team at her school in Waxahachie and that Charlotte had written an essay on recycling that won first place.

And if you see Vera out in the pasture or walking up and down the road, watch out. She’s made a couple of “witching” rods out of brass and she’s looking for graves. Ronny and Anita Glossup came out last week to find some graves in the cemetery and have started a “revolution” in Reilly Springs.

“It works," Vera said this week. “But it’s hard to ‘witch’ and watch where you’re going at the same time, so I might run out in front of a car.”

I saw Kris Koon on last Thursday night at the Cover Girl Contest. He was providing cows and calves for the milking contest and the calf feeding competition. Like everyone else, Kris was hoping for some rain to end the drought and worried about having enough hay to make the winter. “It’s extremely dry and we’re losing many trees that will take years to replace,” said Kris. “I guess it will rain when it gets ready.”

I heard from the Fishers this week, and Marilee reported that J.R. and Vanessa had been on a trip to Mansfield, Mo., where they had purchased a billy goat for the goat dairy operation. Blake had been busy on the dozer cleaning out fence rows and dead trees to build a fence this week.

The Fishers had celebrated Marilee’s birthday with a chicken and dumpling dinner on Sunday, and then Marilee went shopping with Brenda Allen on Monday to continue the celebration.

Bryant Fisher is busy making some changes at their “Country Store” to get ready for deer season, which isn’t too far away. “I thought maybe I could bring on the autumn weather if I got busy and started some tasks that would need to be completed by the time it gets here," Bryant said.

Marilee and Ethel Winton and Ima Asher are all getting packed for their trip to Bermuda and looking forward to some new sights.

Rhandi Stribling Fails reported she and Case and Debra Stribling joined Becky and Alexis Stribling at the homecoming football game Friday night in Sulphur Springs.

Birthday greetings are in order for David Stribling this week. Debra outdid herself on Sunday as she cooked a fried chicken dinner, all the trimmings, and cake and homemade ice cream. (Isn’t she the Betty Crocker of Reilly Springs this week?) Brandon, Becky, Brayden and Alexis joined them for the celebration. Happy birthday, David.

Speaking of birthday’s, Ol’ David Lawrence has turned 50, and Jan has planned a birthday bash for him at their new lake cabin this Saturday night. That is, if she survives all of the cleaning and furniture moving this week. She arrived on Sunday night and has worked all week at the cabin in preparation. All the kids from Muleshoe and Sulphur Springs are planning to attend, as well as friends and family.

Judy Jones asked this week what you got a guy for their 50th birthday and they told her “an old woman.” “He’s already got one of those," remarked Judy. (I think Jan has got it in for her now.)

If I remember right, Jan made some kind of remark a couple of years back that by the time she turned 50, Judy and I would be so old that we wouldn’t even remember to get her back for all the mean things she did to us. I know that my mind is slipping, but I think that maybe by February I will still have enough “faculties” to remember that she’s going to hit the big “5-0,” and I plan on making it miserable.

I heard from Enola Gay this week, and she related that Saturday night’s Reilly Springs Jamboree was a success, despite the fact that she was competing with Fall Festival’s “Catfish and Country” cooking contest and concert. She named three winners in her “Springs” singing contest, two people from Kaufman, and Meagan Spataro Henderson from Sulphur Springs. About 150 people attended the Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night.

Enola also mentioned that she was planning an anniversary show on Oct. 15 for the Reilly Springs Jamboree. The show is to feature some memories from the old Reilly Springs Jamboree when it got started, over 50 years ago by Bob and Joe Shelton and The Sunshine Band. Enola has collected some old photographs and plans on having a huge cake walk for the show as well. Mark your calendars and make plans to attend.

What are your favorite memories of the Reilly Springs Jamboree? Can you remember some of those who appeared on the show? Some of my remembrances are of my Mom’s cousins from the Dallas area coming and appearing on stage with their fiddles, banjos and guitars. “Texas Shorty” and his family appeared back in the 1960s and brought a fast-paced fiddle to the crowd. I also remember Tony Douglas and his band, The Shrimpers, playing on the show.

Local talent was a feature of the Joe and Bob Shelton Shows and many local youth introduced their talent from the stage of the Reilly Springs Jamboree. Of course, there certainly wasn’t as much competing entertainment back in the 1960s era. Everyone came out for the shows, and the old Reilly Springs school would be full of spectators.

Until next week, enjoy the cooler temperatures and continue to pray for some more drought-breaking rain. Remember our troops who defend our freedoms and ask for them an extra measure of safety and return trip home. Pray for love in your hearts, harmony in our community and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County and America.




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