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Reilly Springs News for Aug. 31, 2011

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It’s been another hot and dry week in Reilly Springs  as we continue to suffer through one of the worst droughts on record. However, residents were pleasantly surprised on Monday morning to realize that it hadn’t completely forgotten how to rain as they awoke to a light rain shower and some cooler temperatures.

“It’s just amazing how much difference 10 degrees makes in the temperature," Vera Harrington said. “It seemed almost pleasant, and they are predicting that we might actually get some rain and some temperatures in the 60s at night next week. We’ll have to get a jacket.”

Let me tell you — that will be much welcomed in Reilly Springs.

The Reilly Springs community was saddened on Tuesday morning upon learning that former resident Dan Wrigley had passed away following an accident on College Street. Dan and Rachel had ties to Reilly Springs as he worked at Vera Harrington’s dairies for a number of years back in the 1980s and shared a number of friends in this community.

“Dan was the only person that I ever had that worked for me and could outwork me all the time,” Vera said. “He was one of the hardest working people I know and did an outstanding job at whatever he did.”

This community lost a valuable friend in Dan Wrigley, continued Vera.

“My thoughts and prayers, like everyone else’s, are with Rachel and his family, hoping that they can surround themselves with God’s love, special memories and the support of friends during this difficult time. Dan Wrigley helped me during some difficult times in my life, and I’ll always remember his contributions and aid. He was a true friend, and I consider myself very fortunate to have known him well. Dan will be sorely missed.”

Services for Dan are pending with West Oaks Funeral at the present time.

A large group from this community was in attendance Tuesday night at Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission Company where they and other local businesses hosted a Texas High School Rodeo fundraising effort, complete with a steak dinner and all the trimmings. “Despite the heat, it was a great event,” remarked Martin Allain and Roy King. “And the steaks were delicious.”

Others from this community chose to attend a winter pasture seminar at the Hopkins County Civic Center on Tuesday night sponsored by the Northeast Texas Farmers Co-op. The program highlighted the benefits of a winter pasture program as a possible solution to the drought conditions. If we receive some rain in the fall, winter pastures will aid in “making up the difference” in forage shortages for local livestock, as we enter the winter months. A huge crowd was indicative of those that are interested in pursuing this option for their operations, and a number of seeding mixtures, seeding rates and ground preparation techniques were discussed.

Rhandi Fails reported they had “opted out” of attending the Annual Chuck Wagon Races this weekend in Clinton, Ark. “Dad and Mom and all of us just decided that it was too hot to make the trip,” explained Rhandi. “Maybe next year will be cooler and more enjoyable.”

Several from Hopkins County make the trip to the Chuck Wagon Races that are always held on Labor Day weekend.

The Bryant Fishers reported they have been “graded-on” for the sale of Grade A Goat’s Milk. Goat’s milk will be for sale beginning Sept. 1.

Marilee reported that she and Brenda Allen had quite an adventure and learned just how old they had become when they decided to take Brenda’s two grandchildren to Splash Kingdom this past week. One of the kids didn’t want to get in the water and the other one “got lost” for a few minutes, and “two old women” had quite an adventure. Give Marilee a call for all of the details.

Marilee and Debbie Wilkie shopped at several estate sales last weekend and reported having a good time despite the heat.

Kendra Fisher reported everything going great at school, with things beginning to get in a routine in her classroom.

Vanessa Fisher reported a wonderful visit with her mom and other family members and enjoying a trip to her sister’s home in San Antonio. J.R. and Vanessa returned her mom to the airport, where she was hoping for some much cooler weather on her return to Washington state.

Hayden Smith is still staying at the Fishers and reports the birth of a new nephew on Tuesday. Congratulations to all.

Many have commented on the number of red oak trees that are dying here in the Hopkins County area. I traveled to Alba-Golden on Friday night, and there are even more of them dying in that area. Many of them are around creeks and streams, where their root systems are not as deep. I did notice going to Denton on Saturday there weren’t as many dead trees in the blackland, where the root systems are more extensive. It is going to take a number of years to recover from the damages of this year’s drought.

Joyce McDonald is anticipating a visit for the holiday weekend from Jan and David Lawrence, who plan to come to East Texas from Muleshoe for Labor Day. They are working on their property at Lake Quitman and have a large “to do” list to get accomplished while here for a few days.

The McDonald family is also planning on attending a birthday party in Dallas over the weekend honoring Billy Temples on his 90th birthday. The celebration, hosted by his children and grandchildren, is scheduled for Sunday and is planned for family and friends.  Billy Temples is a native of Hopkins County and was reared on the family farm in the Shooks Chapel community south of Sulphur Springs. He married Arlene McDonald, and following the war, they relocated and made their home in Dallas. Billy now resides in an assisted living facility in the Metroplex. Happy birthday, Uncle Billy.

Until next week, continue to pray for rain and some cooler weather.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. Remember our troops, who defend our freedoms, and ask for them an extra measure of safety and safe return home. Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America. Happy Labor Day.





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