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Reilly Springs News for Aug. 10, 2011

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Most folks in Reilly Springs are what you would call “drought weary.”

“You know how it is in church and the song leader keeps leading verse, after verse, of a song you don’t particularly like? Well, that’s kind of how I feel about this continuing drought,” Vera Harrington said this week. “It just seems like you wake up every morning to another day just like the one before, filled with heat, no rain and really not any expectations for any.”

Pastures, hay meadows and lawns in our community are destroyed, and many are complaining of losing shrubs, annuals and other landscaping plants that they have attempted to water all summer.

“Have you noticed how many of the giant trees are dying, all up and down the road?” asked Marilee Fisher. “That means that the dry weather from several years has left us with almost no underground moisture.”

Meanwhile, everyone is hauling hay into their cattle and other livestock, and many are watering their animals out of the well or from the water system, as their stock ponds are dry.

“It will definitely be a summer to remember,” Marilee said. “I guess I can tell my grandchildren about it, if I ever get any grandchildren.”

Marilee has had a house guest this week, Destiny Hammagren. Destiny has been helping Marilee and baked Vanessa a birthday cake this week, as well as attended to other chores. “It’s certainly been fun having a young girl around the house,” Marilee aid. “When you haven’t reared but a couple of boys, it’s nice to go shopping with her and to do some ‘girly’ things for a change.”

Marilee and Brenda Allen attended the Bright Star Antique Auction on Saturday and had a wonderful time. “Jay Shearer has really got some outstanding antiques in the auctions, and people from all over the world were in attendance,” Marilee said. “We had a wonderful time just looking, and it made me want to go snooping out in the barn.”

Kendra Fisher is working on things for her classroom at school, as she has finally wound down her studies at TAMU-C. Kendra will begin in-service next week at Yantis and is scheduled to graduate with her master’s degree on Saturday in Commerce. Congratulations to Kendra.

Vanessa and J.R. Fisher have been busy building a new porch on their house. “We have to work early in the morning or late at night to avoid the worst of the heat,” Vanessa said. “But hopefully we will have it finished by the time my parents arrive this weekend.”

Debbie Wilkie and Marilee have enjoyed several lunches in the last couple of weeks, and Debbie caught Marilee up on all the happenings down that way.

Rhandi Fails reported making the trip to D-FW Airport this week to pickup her dad’s first-cousin, John Moore, who is visiting from Alaska. “It was definitely a ‘heat shock’ when he got off the airplane in Texas,” Rhandi said. “But he’s excited to be back, visiting with family and friends.”

Joyce Gilbreath was released from the hospital on Saturday and is staying at David and Debra Stribling’s and doing some better. Brayden Stribling spent the weekend with them and enjoyed some hunting and helping take care of Joyce.

Saturday night was a huge outing at the Danny and Shannon Lawrence home in Sulphur Springs for a number of those with Reilly Springs connections. It was the celebration of little Hallie Lawrence’s first birthday. “I’ve never seen so many little kids in my life,” Joyce McDonald said. “When you get the Lawrences, the Koons, the McClendons and the Jones together, that’s a houseful without all the others.”

Hallie received loads of nice gifts, and all the kids certainly enjoyed the water slide to keep cool. Go to Facebook to see all the pictures.

Jan and David Lawrence, Jandi, Landri and Sam Lawrence and Jacy Lawrence were all in Hopkins County from Muleshoe to attend the party and enjoy a few days in East Texas.

Then on Sunday afternoon it was many of the same families that gathered in Sulphur Springs at First Baptist Church for a baby shower honoring Misty Koon. Misty and Kyle are expecting a little girl, so “everything was pink.”

Jan and David Lawrence returned to Muleshoe on Monday after working some more on their new lot at Lake Quitman. They’ve cut a number of trees, worked on the retaining wall and began some of the construction on the house. Of course, like any remodeling project, it’s going slower than they would like.

Randy and Sheila Koon reported that Brody Koon is doing better, but with all of the heat is staying inside to keep from experiencing more health problems. Give Mary Alice a call to check on Brody.

Several received invitations this week for a 90th birthday party for Hopkins County native Billy Temples. Billy was married to Arlene McDonald, and his children and grandchildren are hosting a birthday party for him in Dallas on Sept. 4. They invite all of his family and friends to come celebrate his birthday with him.

I visited with Heather Salvarino this past weekend. She had packed up all of her boys and sent them to the deer lease in the Hill Country, and was looking forward to some “girl time” with Sandi over the weekend.

I also heard that the former Collin McClendon was back in Sulphur Springs, to visit with family and friends over the weekend. Of course, she was showing off her new son. You might want to talk to Mark to learn just how sweet he is. Someone stated that he already had a shotgun waiting for him and that they caught Mark telling him hunting tales over the weekend.

Several in our community are looking forward to attending the PBR Challenge this Friday and Saturday, Aug. 12-13, at the Civic Center, and watching some great bull riding.

Enola Gay called to remind everyone that there will be a Reilly Springs Jamboree on Saturday night, Aug. 19, “If the creek don’t rise.”

Until next week, continue to check on you neighbors, who are aged and infirmed to make certain that they remain cool and hydrated, and attempt to think cool thoughts, to beat the heat. Maybe in a few weeks, the drought will break and we can all enjoy some beautiful autumn weather.

Pray for love in our hearts, harmony in our community, and peace in our land. God bless Reilly Springs, Hopkins County, and America.




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