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Rangers lacking magic of 2010

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I hate to be the bearer of gloom and doom, but the Rangers still worry me.

While we rest, just for a day or two, from the baseball grind, I am not sold on the 2010 team as a squad which can repeat.

I don't see any magic - I see a team still lacking in the bullpen and defense. Even at 51-41 they have not pulled away from the teams in the AL West.

I know the season still has lots of games left, the Rangers just don't impress me as a team which can make it back to the World Series.

To put it into old East Texas lingo, "They are a case short of a full load."

This team has no Cliff Lee, a special ace pitcher you can build around. Josh Hamilton is the bell cow and playing well, but always a threat to hurt himself.

The defense is the worst in the American League. The Texas pitching is good at times, but hardly consistent. Look at the stats the teams below the Rangers in the AL West

have much better pitching. If the Angels get just a little hitting, they can make a run, same can be said for Oakland and maybe Seattle.

What bothers me the most could be the lack of overall spirit. The team has won seven in a row and I hope they continue that hot streak. But they are just as likely

to lose seven in a row.

Last year, the Rangers did not figure out how good they were until they were in the World Series.

This season, they seem like a "been there, done that" team which expects to be successful. That's good to a point.

But one key injury could crumble this house of cards.

Maybe I am wrong or just crazy from the heat. I hope the Rangers DO repeat as AL West champs and win it all.

I just would not bet the ranch of it right now.

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written by a guest , February 04, 2012
Hope they got rid of that right fielder who cost them the Series last year. smilies/angry.gif

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